Solent NHS Trust: Supporting our local community

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As part of long-term partnership between Southampton FC and Solent NHS Trust, we are delighted to help shine a light on some of the services that they and their partners provide to support people across our community.

Solent NHS Trust

Solent NHS Trust is proud to be the leading provider of community, mental health and learning disability services to communities in Southampton, and across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

They are dedicated to providing great care and helping people stay safe and well at all stages of their lives, particularly at a time when their support and services are needed more than ever, delivering support right to the heart of our community.

Services on offer include Family Assist, Children’s Hospital at Home, Healthy Start, Health Visitors, Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS).

Solent NHS Trust also work closely with a number of community partners, as highlighted below:

• No Limits

No Limits is a charity that provides information, practical advice and emotional support to any young person aged under 26 years. Specialist services help with housing and homelessness, benefits claims, mental health issues, problematic substance use and much more, whilst they also run Young Carers Groups. Their centre, located on Southampton High Street, is open Monday to Saturday, where young people can speak to a youth worker without appointment.

• Yellow Door

Yellow Door is based in Southampton and offers a wide range of specialist therapeutic, support and prevention services to anyone at risk from, or affected by, domestic abuse, sexual violence/abuse or other forms of interpersonal harm. If you are affected by domestic or sexual abuse in whatever form, at whatever stage of your life, recent or past, they are here to help, whilst they also provide a small number of specialist services to those affected by or at risk from discrimination and disadvantage.

• Re:Minds

Re:Minds is a Southampton-based charity run by and for families whose children have mental health issues, or are neurologically diverse, with conditions such as Autism or ADHD – with or without a diagnosis. Their aim is to allow people whose children face similar issues to meet up in an informal setting to share knowledge and talk ab

out any challenges families are facing.

• Saints Foundation

Saints Foundation use the power and passion of Southampton Football Club to engage people of all ages and abilities across the city of Southampton, focusing on those that need the support the most. Projects delivered include things you might expect, such as using football as a positive influence for young people, but also things that might surprise you, like activities to improve the wellbeing of older people, or work to help ex-offenders find a new path in life.

To find out more about how these services can support you and your family, please visit Solent NHS Trust’s website.