Saints join UNFCCC's Sports for Climate Action initiative


Southampton Football Club is proud to announce that it has joined the UNFCCC’s Sports for Climate Action initiative as a signatory to the Sports for Climate Action Framework.

The Sports for Climate Action initiative calls on sporting organisations to acknowledge the contribution of the sports sector to climate change and our responsibility to strive towards climate neutrality for a safer planet.

As part of its commitment to ensuring a sustainable future for our club, our fans and our community, Southampton this week launched its sustainability strategy,


The Halo Effect outlines the club’s commitment to live up to our environmental, corporate, fan and social responsibilities, which aligns with the goals of the Sports for Climate Action Framework.

By signing the Framework, the club has demonstrated its commitment to playing its part to ensure the sports sector is on the path to a low-carbon future.

In line with the five core principles enshrined in the Framework and the aims of the UNFCCC’s Paris Agreement, Southampton Football Club will strive to:

1) Promote greater environmental responsibility

2) Reduce the overall climate impact from sports

3) Use our platform to educate for climate action

4) Promote sustainable and responsible consumption

5) Advocate for climate action through our communications

On Southampton’s commitment to the Framework, Lindita Xhaferi-Salihu, Sports for Climate Lead, UN Climate Change said: “Climate change is like no opponent humanity has ever known. And while the challenge may seem too difficult, especially in the time of Pandemic, the Saints are taking it on.

“We welcome Southampton FC in UN Sports for Climate Action and congratulate them for their commitment to play their part in our collective global efforts to address climate change and to keep action and momentum going.”

Tim Greenwell, Chief Legal and Risk Officer at Southampton FC, added: “As a Premier League football club, it is important that we use our platform to inspire positive change to ensure a sustainable future.

“We’re proud of the work we’ve already undertaken to address our own environmental impact but we know there is more that the club can do to protect our planet.”

The club hopes its commitment will inspire its fans, the local community and the government to raise their climate ambition in a united effort to limit global warming to 1.5


You can find out more about the Sports for Climate Action Framework