Young people on the Premier League’s Primary Stars programme have been learning how to help and support others who face discrimination.

Pupils at Redbridge Primary were encouraged to create posters on the theme of "allyship", detailing the positive action they can take to challenge discriminatory behaviour wherever they see it.

The workshop looked into what is considered racist abuse, how it makes others feel, and how pupils can support others who are being discriminated against.

Posters created by the youngsters have been placed around Redbridge Primary School to emphasise that racism is not acceptable in their community.

Saints Foundation's Premier League Primary Stars Coordinator, Tim Stevens, said: "I think early education is really important, opening their eyes to something they are maybe not aware of and how they can stand up to that kind of stuff.

"We talked about how they can take positive action against any prejudice they come across, be that verbal or physical. Some of the things the kids felt comfortable enough to share was amazing. Some of the stories of what they had even started to do already, sticking up for friends in the playground or park, it was brilliant.

"It's so important when they're younger to really get this message across as early as possible. Parents do a fantastic job as well, but I think any extra education we can give our children now around accepting others for who they are is really important."

Primary Stars is a curriculum-linked education programme funded by the Premier League to support primary-age pupils with their learning. In Southampton, it forms part of Saints Foundation’s mission to empower young people in the local community.

This activity is part of the Premier League’s ongoing No Room For Racism initiative. It comes ahead of the English football community’s social media boycott this weekend.

Southampton Football Club and Saints Foundation will join football organisations nationwide in stopping the use their social media accounts from 3pm on Friday 30th April to 11.59pm on Monday 3rd May, in response to the ongoing and sustained discriminatory abuse received online by players and many others connected to football.