Rafferty eager to push hometown forward


Laura Rafferty has revealed she’s eager to push her hometown forward as she returns to her childhood club.

Since starting her career with Southampton at academy level, Rafferty has gained a multitude of experience in the Women’s Super League.

The 25-year-old is evidently keen to make an impact with her new team.

“The ambition of this club is massive and for me, it’s something I look for,” she said.

“Speaking with Marianne she’s only got positive forward movements and I’m looking forward to embracing that challenge with my new team and really knocking down those barriers and pushing on.”

Experience plays a key part for Rafferty, who hopes to bring all that she has learnt to Saints.

“I’ve been in the professional game now for about eight years. I like to say I’ve got a lot of experience.

“I’ve learnt from some unbelievable players. I’ve learnt a lot about myself which I hope I can help the girls kind of embrace their strengths, their weaknesses and really push everyone on.

“I want to be the motivator of the team; I want to be able to drive and bring everyone together. I know the club have an amazing value already. I’m really excited to get stuck in and keep pushing my hometown forward.

“Experience has a lot to play in things that I hope to bring to the club. I know I’m going to learn a lot from the girls at the club, from Marianne, which I can add to my game.

“For me as well, it’s what can I help with? Whether that’s younger players or strikers against me in training as I’m a centre half, how can I make it easier for you or harder for me?

“We’re a collective team and we’ve got the same goals, we’ve got one ambition and that’s to keep moving forwards.”