How you can help the people of Ukraine


Staff across Southampton Football Club and Saints Foundation have been supporting the efforts to help the people of Ukraine with fans able to get involved too.

Members of staff have been volunteering in addition to their regular roles with the Polish Social Club in Southampton and donating items to be sent out to Ukraine.

Saints Foundation’s Falls Service Support Officer, Tracy Rigney, has been one of those that has generously given her time to volunteering with the Polish Social Club, and said: “Seeing the Polish Community develop their original small operation into this now huge effort is truly inspiring.

“The whole of Southampton can be extremely proud of their dedication to this vitally important cause. Personally, it's been an absolute honour and a privilege to work alongside the other volunteers to help victims of this war in Ukraine and Poland.”

Supporters are invited to get involved in any way that they can by doing one of the following:

- Join the local volunteers' Facebook group to find out how you can help
- Join the Polski Klub Southampton to find out the latest items needed for donations
- Donate money to the Polish Social Club’s volunteer programme through their Just Giving page