Hasenhüttl speaks on new owners


Manager Ralph Hasenhüttl has been speaking about the productive meetings he has conducted recently with Southampton's new owners Sport Republic, explaining that he is confident that this model is the right move for the club's immediate and long-term stability.

The Austrian, previously of RB Leipzig in Germany who operate a similar model, confirmed that he had been a part of the process to find new ownership from the beginning, and that finally he's pleased that an agreement has been struck.

Hasenhüttl was also cautious in his approach when quizzed on the club's transfer policy and whether this will change under the new owners, confirming that whilst the club may be able to act quicker in the market, it won't change its fundamental philosophy towards player trading.

"I've had a chance to talk to them," Ralph confirmed. "I must say that the long journey we had to find a new owner, I'm confident it will be a successful one. It was immediately a very good communication with them.

"They are good people. They know about football, they know about the business, and they will help us in the future to find quicker solutions. Quicker chances for doing the right things in this market.

"I see it a little bit different [to fans]. We get a lot of knowledge. We also get the chance to be earlier in our signings. But it doesn't mean we change our behaviours. So we don't go out into the market and buy everything that is around. It doesn't make any sense.

"We want to pick the players, the [Tino] Livramentos, the [Armando] Brojas, this new owner gives us the chance to get these guys earlier. This is what we want to have.

"In the past, it was very often that we had to sell players before we could sign new players. This will change now massively.

"But it doesn't mean we are now going for every player that is available. This is the reason why we are so happy that this Group decides to take us.

"You can be sure that such an investor doesn't make this decision by one day watching a club. They have looked very carefully. They have seen we have a clear strategy, a clear plan of how we want to develop this club. To make it healthy here for the club. This is the main reason they choose us."