Ralph Hasenhüttl reflected on an unforgettable evening at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, as Southampton came from behind to secure victory in the capital. 

Hasenhüttl, celebrating his 500th professional game in charge, praised each and every player as Southampton came from behind twice to claim three points in North London.

“I think we can leave very proud of what we have shown today,” praised the boss. “Against a very strong side, we played an unbelievable game with the ball.

“We scored the second goal and played 23 passes before, this is amazing and by far the best game we’ve played with the ball this season.

“It took a lot of energy also. You see us running today, Moi and Stu in the ten positions, it’s so hard this job today. Also, the sixers covering a lot of things against the ball and up front. You have to defend properly.

“Romain and Kyle were really good. The centre-backs, I cannot say anybody. The strikers scored the goals, the goalkeeper makes a few good saves in the first half. I mean you have everybody on the highest level.”

“This is my 500th game in my career and I definitely will never forget this.”

With Saints so frequently critiqued earlier in the season for their ability to lose from in front, the boss was clearly proud of how the tables look to have turned.

“It says a lot, it says we have changed a lot this season to last season. Normally we have always struggled to come back and today we turned the game completely, twice.

“There was some good chances and there’s no doubt that the winner should be Southampton."

In terms of the goals themselves, the praise kept on coming from the boss. 

“Great delivery. Super run in the box from Moi, super header from Ché. All goals were fantastic today, we can score in any moment we are good in front of the box. We are with the ball getting better and better, we have learned so much.

“Everybody is tired, knocked but this is what you have with this team and it’s amazing how we reacted today.

“We have taken four points against Manchester City and Tottenham and now we have Manchester United. If you’d have told me at the start of these three games that we’d have four points after two, I wouldn’t believe you. So now we need a good game and to have the same performance."