Saints launches partnership with Tonsser to unearth future footballers


Want to learn which footballing app the likes of Saints’ Sekou Mara and Manchester City’s Erling Haaland used in their youth to help get noticed? We’ve partnered with Tonsser to open trials in England and find footballers of the future.

Discovering and growing elite level talent through our world renowned academy system is what we do best and so we’ve partnered with Tonsser, to learn from each other’s expertise.

Across Europe, 1.6 million players already use the Tonsser app to build their football identity, capture performances and gain access to trials and potentially life changing opportunities. The app then holds the performance data of those unsigned players and offers the chance to be selected for different opportunities, like showcasing what they can do in front of professional and semi-professional clubs.

Now, Tonsser is launching in England and kicking off with the trial event, Tonsser Undiscovered x Southampton FC. A unique two part trial experience held in London on 8th May 2023 and then at our Staplewood Campus on the 4th June ’23. Unsigned youth players will be able to apply to be there through their profile and performance data on the Tonsser app.

We want to help Tonsser give as many young aspiring footballers in England as possible, the opportunity to show what they can do and potentially build a career in the sport we love.

Our Local Recruitment Manager (U7 to U16), Gareth Hamer said of the partnership:

“Southampton Football Club is renowned for developing potential into excellence. As a club, we’ve always had a strong focus on youth development that’s been built into our philosophy. We’re excited to be working with a like-minded organisation in Tonsser, whose vision of empowering young players to unlock their potential matches our own. We look forward to working with Tonsser to unearth the hidden talent of the future and help players to reach their potential.”