Pat's Story


When the pandemic hit in 2020, Pat was left completely isolated. Her anxiety levels shot up and her confidence took a huge knock.

For Pat, who lives on her own, her world shrunk overnight. "I did panic, especially if something wrong and I needed help." With family living far away, the phone calls Pat received from Saints Foundation became a lifeline, and when restrictions did eventually lift, our Senior Saints project allowed her to gently reintegrate with society at her own pace.

Our ambassador Marieanne Spacey-Cale paid a visit to Senior Saints earlier this year to talk to Pat about her story and her mental health, and to learn how Saints Foundation built back her confidence and reduced her loneliness.

Pat was one of the stars of this year’s Saints Foundation charity dinner. The event raised an incredible £130,652 which we will use to continue our charitable work in the community.

If you know an older adult in Southampton who could benefit from our support, find out more about Senior Saints here: