How Saints Foundation saved my life


This Christmas, Saints Foundation is appealing for donations to continue their work in the community. I wanted to tell my story to you directly, to share first-hand how your donations can completely change – and even save – someone’s life.

I’ve had mental health issues my whole life. I’ve got bipolar and hypermania, a form of bipolar depression which makes you feel like you can’t get out of the house – you isolate yourself and that becomes quite dangerous. I completely disconnected from society.

I had my own flat but I kept getting behind on my bills, I was getting into debt, and then I ended up homeless. In 2014, I met a man I thought I could trust, and after living in a hostel together we got our own flat. That’s when the abuse started.

I have been physically, mentally, sexually and financially abused in every single way, shape, or form possible. It destroyed me, to the point where I felt pretty suicidal. I lost everything I had ever worked for. And that’s when Saints Foundation came into my life.

I joined Saints4Sport. I started going to their boxing sessions, spending time in the gym, and attending fitness sessions. Not only do the sessions have physical benefits, they make you feel happy as well. I have the support of amazing people like Lisa, our project officer, who always checks in with me on the phone if ever I miss a session.

It’s not just all about the sports, it’s about rehabilitating people. It’s about completely transforming lives, and that’s what they’ve done for me. It’s given me the confidence to actually be able to live a normal life. Having bipolar, it makes me feel like the jigsaw puzzle piece that never really fits into anywhere. Saints4Sport has helped me not feel like that anymore.

I don’t even really want to think about where I would be without them. Almost definitely not here to write this letter to you today.

Saints Foundation can never, ever stop. Saints4Sport can never, ever, ever stop, because it won’t be just me that needs help, it will be a thousand people. They give people a second chance. So please, if you can, make a donation to Saints Foundation this Christmas and help them continue to make a difference to the lives of people right across our city.

Thank you.

This participant has been anonymised due to the sensitivity of her situation.

20 years ago, we set out to use the power and passion of our club to transform lives in the local community. 

Two decades on, we’re still committed to delivering on our purpose, we’re determined to continue supporting the most vulnerable with their recovery and we need your help.

Your donations are more critical than ever. This season alone, we need to generate more than £80,000 of additional funds to just deliver our current activity, working with existing participants who need us. 

Support your community this Christmas by donating to our appeal.