Ralph Hasenhüttl reflected on a game of two halves at St Mary’s as Southampton claimed a point against West Ham in the Premier League.

Romain Perraud gave Saints the advantage at 19 minutes in SO14 but Declan Rice’s second half equaliser was enough to ensure the points were shared.

“We need every point, but more was possible, especially because of the first half.

“The second half I think we were a little bit under pressure, especially after the equaliser and couldn’t really lift ourselves to more counter attacks or more dangerous actions on the ball.

“This was not so good; I think the defending in and around the box was OK. We defended a lot of set pieces today in a good way, this was a positive thing.

“Then again, the thing is you concede one goal from a shot from outside of the box and we can definitely defend better but it’s tough.

The boss praised a positive first half from his men, though the Austrian admitted more was needed in a difficult second half at St Mary’s.

“It was good. It was one of the better halves in the past that we have shown here with the team, we were very brave and tried to play forward quick and we created some good moments.

“It was difficult because we could feel that we really struggled holding them away from our goal, a lot of set pieces against us and then it was only a question of time."

With twenty minutes of the game to play, he looked to the bench for reinforcements as Saints looked to claim a vital three points.

“That was the reason I tried to change but it was a little bit too late and then the goal happened and then we changed again, in a different way that we tried to stay in a 4-4-3, because we knew we needed another goal but both teams couldn’t score any more.

“We tried but it wasn’t really a lift enough. It was tough to come in such a game, but it was important for me to give us another push maybe in the last 20 minutes.

With Romain Perraud struggling for fitness in recent months, Hasenhüttl highlighted the importance of him finding his form at left-back.

“Very important for us. Against the ball he’s a very good player and with the ball he can also create some things. Today, again, he scored against West Ham like in the last cup game.

“Three points would be better for sure but we have now a tough game against Bournemouth and we have to go there and show we can also win.”