Manager Ralph Hasenhüttl is thankful for messages of support received from Southampton supporters in the wake of Tuesday night’s heavy defeat at Manchester United.

Speaking ahead of this weekend’s trip to Newcastle United, the Saints boss thanked supporters and echoed his determination to put things right on the pitch at St James’ Park.

“Because of this result, I received unbelievable messages from fans,” he said. “All around this club, it definitely had a big impact on lifting me and lifting my players.

“I want to say a big, big thank you. We didn’t deserve to get so much lift to be honest as we didn’t do a good job.

“The support that I have seen from outside, I must say I have never had such a thing in my managing career.

“No worry, I don’t want to resign my contract after this game. The opposite will happen in that although it’s a tough situation, I enjoy my job even more here and I know I am in the right club and thank you for this.

“When you see the reaction of the fans in this moment, that gives me such a feeling of being at an absolutely committed club and even at the moment they are not in the stadium, they have a massive role to play now.

“I must say, I was very proud of what I have read and never conceded such a positive reaction after a game, even the biggest win I’ve had as a manager was not that emotional like this behaviour – thanks a lot, I’ll say it again.

“Now it’s on us to give them a lift with playing a better game at the weekend. We will not win all the next games, we will sometimes go through difficult times and then wonderful times like we’ve had in the past, but this is what football life is about and this is why we enjoy doing this together and being committed to this fantastic football club.”