Girls' and Women's Football

Girls' Regional Talent Club

Southampton FC is pleased to announce that registrations of interest to attend the Girls' Regional Talent Club trials for the 2020/21 season are now open.

The Regional Talent Club is a quality-assured programme that provides player-development opportunities for female players at Under-10s, Under-11s Under-12s, Under-14s and Under-16s.

It forms an integral part of the England Women’s Elite Talent Pathway, having been awarded a Tier 1 Licence by The FA, with the technical programme being led by an extremely talented and experienced coaching staff.

To be eligible to trial, players must live within 1 hour and 30 minutes travel time and have been born in England, or their parents or grandparents were born in England, or they have been educated in England for at least 5 consecutive years. 

In June 2020, trials will take place for the following age groups:

Under-10 Goalkeepers and Outfield Players (Born between 1st September 2010 and 31st August 2012)
Under-11 Goalkeepers and Outfield Players (Born between 1st September 2009 and 31st August 2010)
Under-12 Goalkeepers and Outfield Players (Born between 1st September 2008 and 31st August 2009)
Under-13 Goalkeepers and Outfield Players (Born between 1st September 2007 and 31st August 2008)
Under-14 Goalkeepers and Outfield Players (Born between 1st September 2006 and 31st August 2007)
Under-15 Goalkeepers and Outfield Players (Born between 1st September 2005 and 31st August 2006)
Under-16 Goalkeepers and Outfield Players (Born between 1st September 2004 and 31st August 2005)

To register your interest in attending the trials for the 2020/21 season, please click here. Please ensure the information is as accurate as possible as it will be used to support the player through the trial process.

The closing date for applications is Friday 10th April 2020. After this date, all applications will be reviewed, and players invited to trial. Invitations will not be sent until after the 1st June 2020 due to FA rules. The trial process can comprise of up to three phases and if successful at each phase, players are invited to the next. Please note players cannot play for a grassroots club if successful in trialing for a Regional Talent Club.

You will not automatically receive a confirmation that your registration of interest form has been received. If you require confirmation, please email [email protected] 

The trials will take place between Saturday 6th June 2020 and Friday 12th June 2020. Players should be prepared to attend a minimum of two trials (Phase 1 and Phase 2). All trials will take place at Test Park Sports Ground.

Please note the dates are subject to change. 
For any other enquiries please email [email protected]

Women's Team

Southampton FC run a Women’s team to support the player pathway from the Regional Talent Club and our longer-term ambitions of playing at the highest level of the women’s football pyramid.

Please send any inquiries for Women’s football to [email protected]