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One of the experienced heads in Marieanne Spacey-Cale's side, Shelly Provan has represented the likes of Leeds United, Bristol, Birmingham, Chelsea, Reading and Notts County since starting her career at the club. 

A mum of two alongside being a PE teacher and a personal trainer, Provan labels her football-minded Dad as her inspiration, saying: "He inspired me in terms of the way he played and also the person he is. He played well into his forties, so I still have a few years to go to emulate him."

She labels her favourite moment as a Saint being captaining the side against Woodley during the 2018/19 season: " We were 1-0 down, and found it hard to break our opponents down. We went on to win 3-1 due to our fighting spirit on the day, our fitness that we have worked hard on in the time we have been together and putting into practice some vital things we had worked on with the coaching team during the week. I was one proud captain that day!"