responsible gambling

At Southampton Football Club, we’re committed to promoting safe gambling.

Whilst the club recognises that gambling can form part of a fan’s enjoyment of football, we also believe that we have a responsibility to raise awareness of the support available for those that might need it.

Find out more about how the club has been active in promoting safer gambling below.


We’re proud to support RecoverMe, a brand-new mobile health app that empowers individuals to manage a gambling addiction from their pocket.

Responsible Gambling

Find out more about the club’s commitment to promoting safer gambling.

Safer Gambling tips

Alongside Main Club Partner, we are raising awareness of how to gamble more responsibly.

Social Responsibility

Working alongside Saints Foundation, we aim to be recognised as a key partner in fuelling the sustained success and health of the city and its residents. Find out more about the positive impact the club is making in the local community:

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