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Supporter code of conduct

You must read and agree to follow this code at all times. If you have purchased tickets on behalf of others, please make sure they have also read this code of conduct.

This code is designed to help ensure St Mary's is a safe and enjoyable environment and to protect you and your fellow supporters. To assist club staff, please take the time to know what is expected of you. If you do not comply with this code, you may be denied entry or asked to leave the stadium.

Before purchasing a ticket, and again before attending a match, you must decide whether it is appropriate for you to attend, including careful consideration of associated risks and your vulnerability status. This will include consideration based on your own personal circumstances (including your age, group size and make up, health status and susceptibility to infection).

The club cannot completely eliminate the risk of Covid-19. Therefore, if, you feel uncomfortable with the risk, you should not attend a match.

You MUST NOT attend if:
• You or anyone else you are attending with has any Covid-19 symptoms and/or is required to self-isolate
• Any other Covid-19 restrictions affect you and mean you cannot or should not attend.

• Aim to lateral flow test for Covid-19 on the day you attend a match
• Consider wearing a face covering in crowded, enclosed spaces
• Arrive in good time to go through all the necessary entry procedures
• Be respectful to others in your vicinity by avoiding unnecessary close contact with people you do not know
• Follow instructions from stewards or other staff to help ensure that the Stadium is carefully managed for everyone’s safety
• Contact your nearest steward if you feel ill or develop any Covid-19 symptoms while at the match

Please BE AWARE:
• If you engage in any conduct that is intended to transmit the Covid-19 virus you will be ejected from the stadium, the police will be contacted and you will be subject to the Club’s sanction tariff potentially including a lifetime ban.
• All other terms and conditions and Ground Regulations will continue to apply and must be complied with.

Thank you for your support.