Secret Southampton

Secret southampton

To think, all along, we had our very own Area 51 in the heart of Hampshire, right in front of us.
Now all we need is a hero to blow this whole thing wide open!

Enter Robert Crust:
Follow investigator Robert Crust as he infiltrates the highly secretive Staplewood Campus on the south coast to take a closer look at the state-of-the-art facilities, usually kept under lock and key.

As his mission progresses, Crust comes into close contact with a number of startling findings that leave him certain that these could be the work of a supernatural power.

Lifting the lid on the renowned player development centre, responsible for nurturing international players including Gareth Bale and James Ward-Prowse, the video showcases a range of new innovative additions designed to build upon the success of the club’s highly-regarded player development programme.

Secret southampton

episode 1

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secret southampton

episode 2

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secret southampton

episode 3

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secret southampton

the inside

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