Why should I become a member? What are the benefits?

Official Members receive a minimum of 3 days priority on purchasing home tickets, a priority window for purchasing away tickets (after Season Ticket holders) and priority access to the Ticket Exchange for sold-out matches. Official Members also receive an exclusive monthly newsletter and a membership card for access to matches. As well as this, Junior Members receive a special gift in their welcome pack, the opportunity to become a mascot for home and away matches, a birthday card and a 10% discount on Saints Foundation holiday courses. Members can also join Season Ticket Holders for access to exclusive events such as the recent Fans Forum.

Do I have to bring my membership card with me to get in?

If your ticket has been uploaded to your card, then just scan your membership card at the turnstile to gain access to the ground. Don’t forget to have your seat details to hand once you’re in the stadium! These will be included in your email confirmation.

Has my ticket been uploaded to my membership card?

If you are a member then your ticket will be uploaded to your membership card.
If you’ve bought two or more tickets, you will need to allocate each to other supporters linked to you via your friends and family and choose how they receive their ticket.

Why have you sent me one ticket, I bought 2 and they said smartcard upload?

If you have bought more than one ticket only yours will be uploaded to your membership card.

Other tickets purchased at the same time will be sent according to your selection at the time you bought them – [email protected] or Post. Please check your confirmation email for full information.

I haven’t received my ticket. Has it been added straight to my membership card?

If you are a member, your ticket will be automatically added to your membership card. Check your confirmation email for information regarding other tickets bought in the same transaction.

I’m a Season Ticket Holder – can I buy extra tickets for my friends/family?

For matches that go on general sale you can buy extra tickets, although we would highly recommend allocating these to the Supporter Numbers of those attending.

For certain high priority games we have to put additional criteria in place both for security reasons and also to ensure that as many genuine fans as possible have the opportunity to attend the more popular matches, therefore Season Ticket Holders are not eligible to buy extra tickets under their own Supporter Numbers. Tickets for these matches are sold on a strictly one ticket per Supporter Number basis. To ensure your friends and family can attend the higher profile matches, make sure you always allocate any ticket you buy for them to their customer number to build their attendance history.

My ticket/membership card won’t let me in the Stadium – what do I do?

Please advise the nearest steward, who will initially check your ticket on a hand held device if possible. Should there still be a problem you will be asked to go to the Ticket Office 1 to resolve the ticketing issue.

I’ve lost my ticket/season ticket/membership card – what do I do?

Please visit or contact the Ticket Office who will be happy to help. Please note that re printing a ticket renders the original invalid, and therefore you will not be able to use them if you do find them.

Charges will apply for reprinting lost cards/tickets. However, if they have been stolen we ask that you provide a crime reference number so that we can waive those charges.

2020/21 Season Tickets

I am a Season Ticket holder from last season, what do I get for the 4 home matches not played in front of a crowd?

Season Ticket Holders renewing will receive a pro-rata credit equivalent to the value of the remaining four home matches of the 2019/20, as a result of these games now taking place behind closed doors

You then have 4 options:

1.           Renew your Season Ticket with pro rata credit and then get a £35 voucher as a thank you for your commitment with the comfort of Saints Promise

2.           Retain on your account for the 20/21 season – should you not renew during the renewal window, the credit shall remain on your account with an additional £10 that can be used against 20/21 Membership, Home Premier league matches and select other stadium events through until the end of the 20/21 season.

3.           Donate your credit to the Saints Foundation and Southampton FC will add another £10 onto your donation by filling out this form

4.           A monetary refund to be processed at the end of the Season Ticket renewal window (1st September) for the x4 games. For further details, please email the ticket office.

What if matches are played behind closed doors next season?

As part of The Saints Promise commitment to fans, in this scenario, 2020/21 Season Ticket Holders will be refunded a pro rata amount for any game that can’t be played at St Mary’s with fans within 14 days of announcement.

What if capacity is reduced?

As part of The Saints Promise commitment to fans, in this scenario, 2020/21 Season Ticket Holders would receive priority into a ballot allocation.

How do I choose my £35 thank you voucher?

Your will receive an email upon confirmation of purchase linking to a form to choose. You can also fill out a form here.

When will I receive my £35 thank you voucher?

Vouchers will be issued within 2-3 weeks of the end of the renewal window, 1st September.

When will I receive my Card?

We will aim to send out all Season Ticket cards 2 weeks ahead of the Season starting in St Mary’s.

I have previously used the 10 month payment plan option, can I still use this?

Unfortunately due to circumstances out of our control, this is no longer an option with a third party supplier. We do, however, offer a 3-month, no interest and credit check option. 

I am yet to access my new account, how do I get my password?

For your information on how to get your password visit here.

What are the prices?

For those renewing, our Loyalty prices are frozen through until September 1st. You can see our loyalty prices and those for new season ticket holders here.

When will the loyalty price and reservation of my seat expire?

Our renewal window is currently extended through until September 1st meaning you have plenty of time to make a decision. After this point, seats will be released and all purchases would now be at the full price. We shall also review the current situation and guidelines in the build up to this date and provide any relevant updates on the main website and by email to existing season ticket holders.

How can I currently purchase?

You are able to purchase online here. Due to current stadium restrictions, the Ticket Office and call centre at the stadium is currently inaccessible for both staff and supporters. You can request a call to discuss your tickets by entering your details on this form or can email [email protected] with any questions. We shall endeavour to respond as quickly as possible and ideally within 2 working days. Due to our current working conditions and the volume of enquiries, we apologise in advance should there be delays in the response.

What is the easiest way to renew my existing seats?

Log in to your saints account online. Select reserved seats in the drop down list and those seats that you purchased last year will be listed. Follow the instructions on screen to purchase these again.

How does the 3 month instalment plan? Can I use credits with this?

We now have a 3 month instalment option to split your payments in three. This requires no Credit check and is at no extra cost. You can apply for this online or by requesting a call back. At the point of selection, you will have to pay the initial 30% of the cost of your tickets. The remaining 35% will be due on 31st August 2020 with the final 35% due on 30th September 2020. You must apply for this by Friday August 21st

Due to the online functionality not automatically working with credits, for any supporters with credits who will be using this option, unless you select for a refund or a donation, after you have set up your instalments, we will then remove the credits from the 3rd instalment. We shall take into account the credits on each account that are assigned seats in your purchase.

How can I speak to someone about my season ticket?

Please fill in your details on the linked form and we shall call you back as soon as possible.

I'm not currently a season ticket holder, how can I purchase?

You can purchase via the website or contacting us immediately. Please view the website, log in to your account and select season tickets. You will then be shown all current available seats.

Alternatively, you can request a call and we will contact to go through options.

Can I purchase extra season tickets for friends and/or family

Yes, you can purchase extra tickets through the season tickets section of the website. Add a relevant seat to your basket and then assign to one of your friends and family or add the details of a new supporter. Should you experience any difficulty, please fill in the attached form and we shall get back to you.

Can I move seats

Yes, you can request a call back and we can look at any alternative available seats at the present time. Alternatively, you can search and select available seats online at any point.

Following the renewal window, any unsold seats will be released. You will be able to contact us at this point to look at alternatives. This is currently scheduled for September 2nd-3rd but is subject to change. Please keep an eye on the website for full details near this time.

Is the Ticket office open? Can I speak to someone?

Due to current stadium restrictions, the Ticket Office at the stadium is currently inaccessible for both staff and supporters. You can request a call to discuss further by entering your details on this form or can email [email protected] with any questions. We shall endeavour to respond as quickly as possible and ideally within 2 working days. Due to our current working conditions and the volume of enquiries, we apologise in advance should their be delays in the response.

From Friday July 3rd, each Friday and Tuesday we shall have representatives available in our West Quay store from 10am to 2pm. We will announce on our main website once we are able to open back up at St Mary's.

How does the cup scheme work?

Upon purchase of your season ticket, you will be able to be added to our cup scheme by adding your details. This is optional. By signing up, for each Home competitive cup match, you shall automatically be charged and assigned a ticket. This will be in your season ticket as long as this is available. You will also be charged any reduced prices for Season Ticket Holders on that match. Should your card payment fail, you will be informed and have to make payment.

How can I get access to the Gasworks?

The Gasworks membership is now available for £99 to cover the season. This gives you access to the Gasworks before and after each home league match. For those who have both a Gasworks membership and a season ticket in the Kingsland stand, you will also be able to access at half time. Gasworks members who sit in others stands will not have half time access. This is a flat price that covers the season and is available to buy as an add on prior to finalising your purchase. You can also contact us separately to purchase.

How do credits work?

All 19/20 season ticket holders have had 4/19s of their ticket value added to their accounts. Those who bought later or half season tickets have had credits added proportionately to the number of games their ticket covered. Any credits gained from selling your seat on the ticket exchange or through our referral bonuses have also been added to your account. This can be used when making payment by selecting credits at the point of sale. You can then use credits and pay the remaining balance with card. Should you request a direct refund or to donate your credit to the Saints Foundation, your credit shall be removed. If you purchase your season ticket using credits, but also request for a donation or refund, the donation or refund shall not take place.

Can I use someone else’s credits?

You can only use your own credits when purchasing online. If purchasing via contact form, you will be able to use other family members credits so long as their seat is also being purchased. If you are looking to use friends’ credits, they will need to email us to give authority.

Credits are non-transferable and you will not be able to use these for any accounts where the seats are not being purchased

How do I donate or request a refund?

Fill in this form

When will any requested refunds take place?

Requested refunds shall begin from 1st August. Further information for those who have requested a refund will be sent to you following your request via our form. Please do not directly email the Ticket Office asking for a refund without having filled in your form.

How do the credits/refund work if I used V12 Finance?

If you paid your full balance off with V12 and completed all payments, you will have the same options as above. If you cancelled your payments before making your final payment, we shall be monitoring these cases and deducting missed payments against balances that can be used for credit, refund or donation. We suggest that you contact us to discuss – [email protected]. V12 is not in use this season so do not contact them.

Are there booking fees on season tickets?

Booking fees are applied to each individual season ticket and are £1.25 if booked online, £2.50 if booking by any other means.

How do I qualify for a concessionary ticket?

To qualify for a concessionary Season Ticket, the supporter must meet one of the following age criteria –
Under-11 – Must be aged 10 or under on 1st August 2020
Under-18 - Must be aged 17 or under on 1st August 2020
18-25 - Must be aged between 18 and 25 on 1st August 2020
Over-65 – Must be aged 65 or over on 1st August 2020

For those renewing who have changed age, Tickets will be adjusted automatically in the system. Should there be any issues, please contact us.

The dates for adjustments have remained the 1st August.

What is required to purchase a Disabled Season Ticket?

Existing accessibility supporters will be able to renew by logging in to our system and shall have their tickets reserved for purchase. They can also fill in this form to request a call back.

In order to purchase a new Disabled Season Ticket, the supporter must be in receipt of one of the following, supply evidence of this and complete our access form (link). These must be sent to the Ticket Office via email ([email protected])  If a supporter is not in receipt of the below and would like to apply for a Disabled Season Ticket an application will be considered on completion of the Access Form and subsequent discussion and provision of alternative evidence

Middle or Higher Rate Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
Attendance Allowance (AA)
Severe Disablement Allowance (SDA)
War Disabled Pension
Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI 2003)
Enhanced Rate PIP for the Daily Living Component, or Standard or Enhanced Rate PIP for the Mobility Component

All requests will be verified and discussed with the supporter. Subject to the access form and further discussion, the Disabled Season Ticket holder may be provided with a free Enabler Season ticket, although this is not an automatic award.

What are the ratios to sit in the Family Area?

To sit in the Family area, in your purchasing group, you must have a maximum of two adults, per one child or Two Children per adult – meaning you can have either one Under 18/Under 11 per Adult, one Under 18/Under 11 for every two adults or two Under 18s/Under 11s for every one adult.

My family no longer qualifies for the family enclosure, what are my options?

If you no longer qualify for the Family Enclosure, we will be contacting you in the upcoming months to discuss. You can call us to look at alternate options at any time, or renew and apply for a relocation once non renewed seats are released.

I've bought a ticket for the wrong age group. What do I do?

If anyone buys tickets for age groups different to what we hold on the system, we will be in contact to change this and pay the relevant price before the season starts. Access cards will be withheld until this has been rectified. The club can also request proof of age on accounts.

During the season, should people be found to be using the wrong age band tickets, we do have the right to block entry with no refund.

Can I buy car parking?

Car Parking will be available but details are still being finalised and will be announced a little nearer the season. We shall announce details on the main club website and shall again sell these on a seasonal basis.

Those who purchased car parking for the 19/20 season will be able to have a 21% reduction on car parking for the 20/21 season.

I Had a Membership last year, what happens with that?

Membership runs for the whole year and has a number of benefits, some that are linked to match tickets and some that aren’t. Due to this not being able to be used on the match tickets on the final 4 matches of the season, we will offer a priority period with reduced prices for 19/20 members when we launch our memberships. Information on this will follow in the upcoming months. As a reminder, you can still use your retail discount at the present time.

What if matches are played behind closed doors?

The club, via the saints promise, has detailed that if we are informed that matches will be played behind closed doors once the season starts, supporters will be directly refunded to the supporter.

Should matches be played in a limited capacity stadium we would put a mechanism in place to reward season ticket holders to receive first priority in attending. Further information would be released as to how this process would work, including pricing, should this situation occur.

I am in the Governments moderate or high risk group and am unsure on renewing but don’t want to lose my seat

The club shall monitor the ongoing situation and shall give further detail and provision around the seats of those who are in moderate or high risk groups as we approach our September 1st renewal deadline.

Why is there now an inner centre and outer centre?

Our central areas have now been amended and split. Blocks 5, 9,  29 and 33 shall become inner centre with 4, 10, 28 and 34 becoming outer centre blocks. All renewals during the renewal window shall just pay one fixed renewal price, the frozen centre price of the 19/20 season. Pricing will only be affected in here for new season ticket holders and on matches in the future.

I want to buy Hospitality

Whether you are new and looking to buy hospitality for the first time, or looking to upgrade your general admission seats to hospitality, you can do so by filling in your details here. One of our dedicated account managers shall then call you back. This year, you can use your credits from the missed matches towards your hospitality package.