What are the prices and when can I buy?

Season tickets start at £399 for Adults in the Itchen South area and £19 for Under 11s within the Family Stand. Full Season Ticket pricing can be found here.

Season tickets are available to purchase immediately for all fans. 2021/22 Season Ticket holders will have their seats reserved until the seat release and loyalty deadline at midnight on Thursday 31st May. Seats that are not currently reserved are available to purchase by fans from Thursday 7th April.

What does this cover?

Purchasing a 2022/23 Season Ticket guarantees your seat for all home league matches across the season. Cup matches and away games are at an additional cost, although the club always looks to give Season Ticket holders a priority window to buy tickets for these matches.

When will the loyalty price and reservation of my seat expire?

All Season Ticket seats for the 2021/22 season will be held for Season Ticket holders to secure through until midnight on Thursday 31st May. All seats that have not been secured by this date will then be released for general sale.

How can I purchase?

Supporters can purchase Season Tickets by accessing their MySaints account, by calling the Ticket Office on 02381 780 780, or by visiting the Ticket Office between 9.30am-5pm (Monday - Friday) and 10am-2pm (Saturday).

I’m an existing Season Ticket holder, what is the easiest way to renew my existing seats? What if I want to relocate my seats?

The easiest way to renew your existing Season Ticket seats is by logging into your MySaints account and visiting My Reserved Tickets. Any seats that you held for the 2021/22 season will be listed here. You can follow the instructions to purchase these again.

For those looking to relocate, we would advise purchasing your existing seat and then contacting the Ticket Office from Wednesday 1st June to Saturday 4th June to discuss alternative seats. This is an exclusive window after all non-purchased seats have been released and is only available for those who have renewed.

I’m not currently a Season Ticket holder, how and when can I purchase?

You can purchase Season Tickets immediately from any available seats. This can be actioned online through your MySaints account by selecting Season Tickets along the navigation bar. You will then be able to view any available seats by selecting each block from the map. Alternatively, you can call the Ticket Office on 02381 780 780, or visit the Ticket Office windows at St Mary’s stadium.

What payment methods can I use?

Season Tickets can be paid for using a Debit/Credit card, your MySaints account credit, a combination of card and credits, or one of our interest-free instalment plans.

Can I purchase a seat after the deadline?

It is still possible to purchase a seat after the deadline has passed. However, this is not guaranteed to be your 2021/22 Season Ticket seat, and this will also be charged at the full price rate.

We want to change the name associated to one of the tickets in our group, how do I go about this?

To change the name on a Season Ticket, we will need written confirmation from the current Season Ticket holder. Should this Season Ticket holder be under the age of 18, we would need written confirmation from the parent/guardian of this ticket holder.

All written confirmation can be emailed to [email protected].

Instalment Plans – how do they work?

For the 2022/23 season, there will be instalment plan options. The number of months you can spread this over is dependent on when you confirm your seat and make the first payment. The earlier you confirm, the further you can spread your payments. All options are interest-free and will not require a credit check.

These options are as follows;

Ten-payment option – Only available up to Thursday 28th April with payments due on the following dates:

i - One payment to be made upon the setup of plan.

ii – 31st May 2022

iii – 30th June 2022

iv – 31st July 2022

v – 31st August 2022

vi – 30th September 2022

vii – 31st October 2022

viii – 30th November 2022

ix – 31st December 2022

x – 31st January 2023

Nine-payment option (available Friday 29th April to Tuesday 31st May) with payments due on the following dates:

i - One payment to be made upon the setup of plan.

ii – 30th June 2022

iii – 31st July 2022

iv – 31st August 2022

v – 30th September 2022

vi – 31st October 2022

vii – 30th November 2022

viii – 31st December 2022

ix – 31st January 2023

Seven-payment option (available on any purchased made in June or July) with payments due on the following dates:

i - One payment to be made upon the setup of plan.

ii – 31st August 2022

iii – 30th September 2022

iv – 31st October 2022

v – 30th November 2022

vi – 31st December 2022

vii – 31st January 2023

No payment options will be offered on purchases after Sunday 31st July.

Can I use MySaints account credits?

You can use your MySaints account credit when purchasing your Season Tickets. This can be used in full or used as a split of card payment and credit. However, credit is non-transferable and only the credit that is on the MySaints account you are logged into can be used.

When processing refunds for Season Ticket holders for our fixture against Manchester United, all credit was refunded to the lead contact within the 2021/22 Season Ticket transaction.

How can I use my credits with an instalment plan?

You are not able to use your MySaints account credit as part of your instalment plan.

Can I purchase extra Season Tickets for friends and/or family?

You can purchase additional Season Tickets for your friends and/or family. To do so online, these supporters will need to be linked to your MySaints account via Friends & Family. Please select the relevant seat from the stadium map and then assign to each friend or family member.

Should you be unable to do this online, please call the Ticket Office on 02381 780 780, or visit the Ticket Office window between 9:30am-5pm (Monday – Friday) or 10am-2pm (Saturday).

How can I get access to the Gasworks?

Our Gasworks proposition for 2022/23 is currently being finalised and will be communicated to all supporters shortly.

Can I use someone else’s credits?

Only the credits that are on your MySaints account can be used against your Season Ticket purchase. All MySaints account credits are non-transferable.

I have credit on my account but now want this refunded, how do I go about this?

To gain a refund on your MySaints account credit, you will need to fill out our credit refund request form here. As per our 2021/22 terms and conditions, current credits obtained from the 2021/22 season or before will expire on Wednesday 31st August 2022. Any credits obtained during the 2022/23 season will then expire on Monday 31st July 2023.

Are there booking fees on Season Tickets?

Yes, there will be a £1.50 booking fee on all Season Tickets sold (excluding enablers). This is a service charge which is used to cover costs incurred by the club when processing transactions and to cover staffing costs.

How do I qualify for a concessionary ticket?

To qualify for a concessionary Season Ticket, the supporter must meet one of the following age criteria:

Under-11 – Must be aged 10 or under on Monday 1st August 2022

Under-18 - Must be aged 17 or under on Monday 1st August 2022

18-25 - Must be aged between 18 and 25 on Monday 1st August 2022

Over-65 – Must be aged 65 or over on Monday 1st August 2022

For those renewing who have changed age, Season Tickets will be adjusted automatically in the system. Should there be any issues, please contact us directly by calling the Ticket Office on 02381 780 780.

What is required to purchase a disabled Season Ticket?

Existing accessibility supporters will be able to renew by logging in to our system and will have their tickets reserved for purchase. They can also contact the Ticket Office directly on 02381 780 780.

For those looking to purchase a new disabled Season Ticket, to be considered for eligibility you must complete the Southampton FC access form. Alongside this, you must also be in receipt of one of the below:

- Middle or Higher Rate Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

- Attendance Allowance (AA)

- Severe Disablement Allowance (SDA)

- War Disabled Pension

- Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI 2003)

- Enhanced Rate PIP for the Daily Living Component, or Standard or Enhanced Rate PIP for the Mobility Component

All requests will be verified and discussed with the supporter. Subject to the access form and further discussion, the disabled Season Ticket holder may be provided with a free enabler Season Ticket, although this is not an automatic award. You can contact our Supporter Services team to discuss further on 02380 727 980.

What are the ratios to sit in the Family Area?

To sit in the Family Area, in your purchasing group, you must have a maximum of two adults, per one child or two children per adult – meaning you can have either one under-18/under-11 per adult, one under-18/under-11 for every two adults or two under-18s/under-11s for every one adult.

Should a member of your Season Ticket group change age, leading to your group not meeting the Family Area criteria, you will be required to relocate outside of the Family Area.

My family no longer qualifies for the Family Area, what are my options?

If you no longer qualify for the Family Area, you can call us on 02381 780 780 to look at alternative options at any time, or renew and apply for a relocation once non-renewed seats are released.

I’ve bought a ticket for the wrong age group, what do I do?

If anyone buys tickets for age groups different to what we hold on our records, we will be in contact to change this and pay the relevant price difference before the season starts with access cards being withheld until this has been rectified. The club can also request proof of age on accounts.

During the season, should people be found to be using the wrong age band tickets, the club holds the right to block entry with no refund.

Can I buy car parking?

Seasonal Car Parking will be available, with details still being finalised. These details will be announced on the official Southampton FC website closer to the start of the season.

Supporters who have Seasonal Car Parking for the 2021/22 season will have a renewal period to renew their space. All other remaining spaces will then be released for General Sale.

What if matches are played behind closed doors/reduced capacities?

Should any fixtures be played behind closed doors, or with a reduced capacity, any supporters who are affected will be refunded a credit to their MySaints account.

Has the Itchen South Area increased?

Yes, the Itchen South Area of the stadium has been increased to incorporate Block 15 - this is a further 700 seats giving more seats at the £399 (£21 per match) entry level.

Those Season Ticket holders within Block 15 will now have their seats reserved at the Itchen South Price. Wheelchair bays at the front of Block 16 will also be within the same price band.

I want to know about Hospitality Season Tickets

Whether you are new and looking to buy hospitality for the first time or are looking to upgrade your general admission seats to hospitality, you can do so by filling in your details here. One of our dedicated account managers shall then call you back. You can also call our team on 02380 727 768. This year, you can use your credits towards your hospitality package.

How much will I save against match tickets?

Full match pricing will be released over the summer, but on average adult Season Ticket holders will save £215 against purchasing individual matches, with stronger percentage savings across many other age brackets. The Season Ticket has many other additional benefits, as well as guaranteeing your seat in your selected area for each match.

What other benefits do I receive as a Season Ticket Holder?

All 2022/23 Season Tickets come with the benefits listed below:

Ticket access:

- Your seat guaranteed for 19 Premier League home games

- Priority access to away tickets

- Reduced price window and priority on home cup matches (subject to agreement with the opposing team)

- Ticket Exchange facility for sold out fixtures, meaning you can resell your seat for games you can’t attend

- The ability to upgrade Season Tickets for juniors and enablers to adults when juniors/enablers cannot attend matches

- Window to purchase additional tickets on matches ahead of general sale


- 10% discount on retail products, both at the Stadium Store and online

- 10% discount on food and drink at St Mary’s for the first 30 minutes after turnstiles open and for 30 minutes after select matches

- Exclusive discounts on Matchday Hospitality upgrades for selected fixtures

- 10% off week-long Soccer Schools for juniors

- Reduced price Women's Season Ticket

- 15% off St Mary’s Christmas parties

- Priority or discount on events at St Mary’s (subject to the promoter of each event)

Season Ticket holder exclusives:

- Welcome pack with gift

- Access to exclusive events

- Exclusive Season Ticket Newsletter, including discounts and competitions

When will I receive my Season Ticket? Will it be digital or a physical card?

Your Season Ticket will be sent to the ticket holder ahead of the first home fixture of the new season. This will be a physical Season Ticket card like previous seasons. We will be looking to introduce further digital options to our fans during the 2022/23 season and may be asking Season Ticket holders to test these options. Further details will be communicated during the season.

When will we know the fixture list for the 2022/23 season?

The fixture list for the 2022/23 season will be confirmed in mid-June, ahead of the Premier League starting the weekend of Saturday 6th August 2022.

How Do I buy a Women’s Season Ticket?

Women’s Season Tickets for the 2022/23 season will be released in the coming months, with this information being confirmed on the official club website. These can be purchased online in your
MySaints account, by telephone on 02381 780 780 or by visiting the Ticket Office window from 9:30am-5pm (Monday – Friday) or 10am-2pm (Saturday).

I was a 2020/21 Season Ticket Holder, but not in 2021/22, will my seat be reserved for me?

Due to your Season Ticket not being renewed in the 2021/22 season, your previous Season Ticket seats will not be reserved for you. Alternative seats can be purchased online or by contacting the Ticket Office.

I made a 2021/22 Season Ticket Deposit; will I be entitled to the loyalty price?

Supporters who did not pay the remainder of the 2021/22 Season Ticket cost after making a Season Ticket Deposit, will not be entitled to the loyalty price. Season Tickets will be available for purchase at the full standard price.

What if my purchase history seems to show I paid less last year?

In the 2021/22 season, supporters were initially asked to pay a deposit to secure their seat, followed by paying the remaining balance. Purchase history will have these payments across two separate transactions. The only time supporters would pay more this year is if they were to purchase outside the loyalty window or if they have changed age to a higher price band, for example under-18s now falling under 18-25 pricing.


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