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Keeping fit

Keeping fit

Keeping fit

With the coronavirus pandemic disrupting the exercise routines of many people and making it a challenge to stay fit, our expert staff from the club and Saints Foundation are on hand to offer guidance.

For both youngsters and older adults, Saints Foundation has developed a series of exercises that can be done at home to ensure you can remain active in body and mind.

Other adults can get advice from our Head of Sports Science Alek Gross, who also gives an insight in the following video into how the club is ensuring the players keep fit in their own homes.

Our Head of Professional Medical Services, Steve Wright, also offers the following advice for adapting to life in lockdown:

Keep a routine

Try to balance a daily routine with regular breaks and a bit of variety.

Try to be considerate

Everyone's situation is different and complex in its own way, so a little kindness can go a long way.

Talking is good

Checking in with friends and family, face-to-face online if possible, is the best way of staying connected.

No news is (sometimes) good news

It's important to get updates from trusted sources, but if you feel overwhelmed it's also healthy to zone out for a bit.

we're all in the same boat – there are a lot of things that are uncontrollable and a lot of unknown. but take comfort in the fact this is the same for everyone.

steve wright
head of professional medical services