Find out how you can apply for Southampton's Positive Impact Pledge

At Southampton Football Club, creating positive impact has long been one of the leading principles behind the club's successful collaboration with its commercial partners, working tirelessly to help them deliver a variety of business objectives via the club's brand, the ability to engage the club's extensive fanbase and wider football community as well as the far-reaching appeal of the Premier League.

Therefore, as a natural follow-on and in keeping with its reputation of challenging convention and doing things differently, the club is on a quest to uncover and propel cutting-edge ideas that encompass our values and epitomise innovation.

During such challenging and testing times, the club has identified the Pledge as a chance to help support like-minded businesses with original ideas and power their growth.

Rather than let innovation go to waste, the club wants to harness the creativity of entrepreneurs and start-ups and offer them support to help turn pioneering concepts into reality. 

To see more information on our six finalists, click here.

How does the Positive Impact Pledge process work?

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1. Initial application

The first step in applying to the PIP for all applicants is to submit an Initial Application. This includes a short online form and either a document (1-2 pages) OR a slide deck (Up to 10 slides e.g. in Powerpoint). We are only able to accept application materials in English.  The purpose of an initial application is for applicants to demonstrate how their innovation is a good fit for the Positive Impact Pledge. Successful applicants at this stage will credibly show how their application meets our five investment criteria (see below). Your initial applications will be reviewed against our five investment criteria. Our application process is highly selective and competitive and only a small number of applications will be shortlisted. You should hear back from us within 4-6 weeks of submitting your initial application as to whether you progress to the next stage.

2. Information gathering 

Applicants whose initial applicants pass the initial screen are invited to talk with senior members of Southampton Football Club. This is a chance for us to get to know more about you. The meetings will be done remotely and you will spend 30 minutes on a conference call with several PIP team members. We do not always have deep sector or technical expertise on a specific innovation, so this talk gives the opportunity for us to ask more detailed questions about your innovation and it's potential to scale.

3. Full Application

If we think that you are potentially a good match for the PIP fund, you will be invited to provide additional information. This application requires a more detailed description of your innovation and plan, team, and supporting research/evidence with quantitative estimates. We will also ask for detailed budgetary projections and further details on how you will spend the PIP fund.

4. Due Diligence

Our finance, procurement and legal team will undertake due diligence of the innovator's proposals at this point. This may include the following: further interviews with your team, calls with references, and input from external technical experts. We will provide further details on the due diligence process to innovators who reach this stage.

5. Live Pitch

Applications who pass the due diligence process will be asked to present a final business plan to a panel of senior board members at Southampton Football Club.

6. Decision Panel and Pledge Awarded

Applications who pass the live pitch process will proceed to the decision panel where a final decision will be made. The fund will undertake final financial and legal due diligence, as well as resolve any outstanding technical and social issues. As long as no compliance issues arise, we will negotiate a funding agreement with the applicant. An agreement will be drawn up by the legal team and once signed by both parties, the pledge fund will be awarded and transferred.

Am I eligible to apply?

To apply for the fund we need to ensure you comply with below criteria. If you do not comply with criteria then you will not be considered for the Positive Impact Pledge.

Ultimately, we look to deliver Positive Impact for our partners, and therefore we want to ensure the idea or innovation we invest in, share our business values.

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At Southampton FC we're all about trying to create positive impact for our partners, and we achieve this through our core business values (Unity, Aspiration, Innovation, Discipline, Respect). We want to know how your business can create positive impact in the future, and which of our values your business can most associate with.
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Size of Business

We are looking for small start up businesses, so we would like companies to be no more than 5 people.
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Early Stage Development

Businesses who are still at testing or R&D stage of the process e.g. not yet launched or established within a market.
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We'd like to see the team have clear roles and responsibilities and be able to demonstrate clearly the problems they are addressing and the approach they have in place to solve them.
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Ideally we would like to partner with brands locally within the Hampshire area, although this is not critical.
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Our applications have now closed.

Terms and Conditions can be found here.