At Southampton Football Club, our partnership strategy is geared towards creating positive impact, together - working with our partners to achieve their brand and business goals. 

We also actively seek to partner with challenger brands, because we are one ourselves. If you are reading this, you'll probably see yourself as a challenger brand too - which is why we want to invite you to create positive impact with us.

We know that it is often in challenging times that the best innovation happens - but getting started in those challenging times isn't easy.

We are sure that right now there are thousands of brilliant ideas for challenger businesses that could use our support during this time to make their ideas a reality.

That's why we have created the Positive Impact Pledge, to help launch the challenger brands of the future.

And we'd like you to play your part by helping us to help others.

If you are interested in how a partnership with Southampton Football Club could deliver positive impact for your business, we'd like to invite you to an introductory call with us.

In order to demonstrate our promise of creating positive impact together, for every minute of that introductory call, we will donate £50 to the Positive Impact Pledge - and if you partner with us, we will donate 1% of the partnership value back into the pledge.

here's how it works

We want to demonstrate how we can create positive impact together with our future partners, before we even meet, by inviting you to be part of our Positive Impact Pledge. 

Phone Call

We invite you to have a call with us to discuss how a partnership with Southampton FC can help you reach your brand and business goals; whatever that is.
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For every minute we speak to you on our intro call, we will donate 50 pounds to our Positive Impact Pledge; helping us create immediate positive impact, together.
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We'll use the Positive Impact Pledge to support future founders of challenger brands who need help during this time in getting their ideas off the ground. We will also support these brands with mentoring and skills gap training to ensure they in turn will make a positive impact in the future.
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All you need to do is fill in the form below and we will contact you to arrange the introductory call. 

Let's create positive impact together.

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Positive Impact Pledge Application
If you are a small business click below to apply for the Positive Impact Pledge