Saints Foundation
About Us

About Us

Strategic Objectives

Making a real difference

We bring Southampton FC to the heart of the local community, using the power of the club and our passionate team to help fulfil individual potential and make Southampton a better place to live for all.

Fostering Community Connection

Working in partnership with Southampton FC, we will engage fans, participants and the wider community to effectively communicate our work and grow awareness, advocacy and support.

Achieving High Standards

We will be a well governed and financially sustainable charity that achieves the highest operating standards in whatever we do, driving continuous improvement through investment in staff and strong quality assurance and insight and evaluation practices.

Leveraging our USP

We will create and deliver innovative events and initiatives that utilise the USP of the Saints brand, whilst raising funds to support our work in and around Southampton.

Delivering Coaching Excellence

Alongside our core charitable delivery, we will strive to be the leading football and sports coaching organisation in Hampshire and the surrounding area, aligning our approach to the values of ‘The Southampton Way’.