The Killers - FAQS

Getting to St Mary’s Stadium

By Car
We recommend the below multi-storey car parks within the Southampton City Centre:

1. Westquay Shopping Centre – SO15 1ST
2. Ocean Village – SO14 3TL
3. Bedford Place – SO15 2DB
4. Grosvenor Square – SO15 2UA
5. West Park Road – SO15 1FZ
6. Marlands – SO15 1BA
7. Eastgate – SO14 3HB

Is accessible car parking available for Blue Badge Holders?
Although we have no parking available on site, we do have a dedicated Blue Badge drop-off and pick-up area. As well as this the shuttle buses are fully accessible for all. Information on this is further down in the FAQs.

Blue Badge drop-off and pick-up area
Melbourne Street will be available as a drop-off and pick-up area for Blue Badge Holders only!

Vehicles should enter via Chapel Road / Granville Street, dropping customers off on Melbourne Street. You will then exit the same way.

Cars will be allowed to enter this area until 21.45, and then there will be no vehicles allowed into this area, and all vehicles that enter, will not be allowed to exit until the pedestrians have all left Granville Street and the roads are reopened.

Drop-off area only (all attendees)
Rochester Street can be used as a drop off only area from 14.00, cars can enter from Belvidere Terrace, drop off and exit via Britannia Road to Northam Road.

From 9pm, the entrance to Britannia Road will be closed, and cars will exit via Peel Street or Wilson Street to Belvidere Terrace and Belvidere Road.

By Train
The nearest train station is Southampton Central, which is just over a mile away from St Mary’s Stadium.

Southampton Central Train Station Access Information:

OPENING TIMES: 24 hours a day, seven days a week
ACCESS NOTE: Southampton Central is fully accessible to wheelchair users 24 hours a day. WHEELCHAIRS AVAILABLE: Yes

By Ferry
Red Funnel will provide a comprehensive service for this event. Full information regarding their accessibility can be found here:

Shuttle Bus (Southampton Central Train Station and Town Quay)
There will be regular shuttle buses operating from Southampton Central Train Station (south side of the Train Station) and the Red Funnel Ferry Terminal (Terminal 2). They will be running from 2pm every 15 minutes up until 4pm then they will run continually.

Southampton Central Train Station
Drop off: Brittania Road
Return journey pick-up: Rochester Street

Town Quay
Drop off: Chapel Road
Return journey pick-up: Chapel Road

Price for a return: 

Adult - £3

Under 18 - £2

By Bus
There are two main providers of bus services in the area – BlueStar and City Red
BlueStar timetables can be found using the following link :
They also have full accessibility information on their website:
City Red timetables can be found here:
Full accessibility information for City Red Buses can be found here:

By Taxi
There will be a designated drop off and collection point at one of the Solent University car parks, situated on Old Northam Road. SO14 0BA
We recommend booking taxi’s in advance.
Details of companies with wheelchair-accessible taxis in Hampshire can be found here:

Are there any road closures?
We have the below road closures from 14.00 on the day of the concert:
• Britannia Road
• Rochester Street
• Victoria Street
• Belvidere Road
• Melbourne Street
• Chapel Road
• Granville Street
• Marine Parade
• Marine Parade (Outside Chapel Arms)



Killers 1

Ticket FAQs

When will I get my tickets?
Tickets will be distributed around 4 weeks prior to the event. Please be advised that guests will need to bring these tickets to gain entry to the evening, therefore please arrange for the enclosed tickets to be distributed individually to each guest prior to arrival to avoid delays in entering. Further information about entry points will be enclosed when tickets are sent.

What if I do not receive my tickets?
We’d recommend contacting your ticket agent directly.

I have bought a standing ticket but cannot stand for a long period of time. Can I swap my ticket for a seat?
We’d recommend contacting your ticket agent directly.

I have lost my ticket. Can I get a replacement?
If you have lost your ticket, we’d recommend contacting your ticket agent. If this has been lost on the day, you can visit the Box Office on site.

Can I still purchase tickets?
Tickets have now SOLD OUT. If you visit the Ticketmaster website, resales may be available.

Can I purchase hospitality tickets?
We’d recommend contacting us back in mid-April to check on the availability.

Should I buy tickets from an unofficial website?
Please do not purchase tickets from unauthorised websites or outlets. You run the risk of purchasing an invalid ticket and being refused entry on the day.

Who are the official ticket agents?
The only official ticket agents are Ticketmaster and See Tickets. They have sold tickets within General Admission and within Hospitality. Southampton Football Club sold accessible tickets and Hospitality.

Can I post a photo of my ticket on social media?
Your ticket’s barcode is a unique security detail that identifies your ticket to you, the purchaser. Don’t share the barcode of your ticket with anyone, especially online, as it may be used to sell your ticket on without your knowledge. If you want to post a photo of your ticket to let your friends know you’re going, obscure barcode so it can’t be read.

Where am I sat and how do I get to my seat?
Your gate entrance and seat details will be noted on your ticket. The stadium will be signposted to assist you with finding your seat. If you are unable to find your seat, you are more than welcome to approach a nearby steward who will be happy to assist you.

What should I do if I feel like my seat isn’t suitable for my needs?
Contact your ticket agent at the earliest opportunity.


Is St Mary’s accessible for all?
The approach to St Mary’s is accessible from all directions.
The journey from outside the stadium to pitchside has no steps or ramps to negotiate.
There are clear signs and pictures indicating accessible toilets, access to the stadium bowl via a flat surface, lowered counters and hearing loops at the internal food and beverage units, first aid provision and so on.

Lifts are available for supporters to access hospitality or raised decks, if required.
We have a Changing Places Toilet at the stadium, although we ask that you contact us prior to your visit so that we can ensure quick and easy access to the facility on the day.
02380 711 980 or [email protected]
If you have any exemptions or require any further assistance, please get in touch.

Can I bring my assistance dog?
We can accommodate assistance dogs, but ask that you contact us prior to ticket purchase in order for us to assess your individual needs and provide the best possible position for the comfort and safety of you and your dog – please call 02380 711 980 or email [email protected]

What should I do if I feel like my seat isn’t accessible for my needs?
Contact your ticket agent at the earliest opportunity.

Can I get ear defenders/ear plugs?
You will not be able to purchase ear defenders/ear plugs at the stadium, so please bring these with you if you think you may need them.

Who do I contact if I have any accessibility questions?
Please contact our helpful Accessibility Team on 02380 711 980 or email [email protected]

General FAQs

What time do the doors open?
Gates open at 16.00 so you can enjoy the food village and atmosphere prior to the event. The stadium opens at 17.00.

When will the concert finish?
The concert cannot finish any later than 22.30.

When should I arrive for my event?
Performance times and support acts can change, sometimes even on the day of the show. Give yourself plenty of time to get in, pass through security and find your seat, as we wouldn’t want you to miss anything. If your ticket only shows one time, it’s usually the time the doors open.

Who’s the support act?
The ‘Blossoms’ have been confirmed as the support act for ‘The Killers’. The support act is due to start around 19.00.

Can I bring my camera?
Yes – a small personal camera. We don’t allow cameras with detachable lenses or detachable flashes which resemble ‘professional’ equipment. Professional cameras and recording devices (This applies to cameras that have interchangeable lenses) are not permitted.

Can I bring my iPad/tablets to take pictures?
iPads/Tablets are usually allowed in, but you cannot take pictures or record with them, as they can block the view of others.

Where can I smoke/vape?
There will be designated smoking areas on the external footprint of the stadium. St Mary’s Stadium is a smoke-free venue and smoking is not permitted inside the ground.

Are there any cloakrooms in the stadium?
No. We are also not able to store belongings, so please ensure you only bring with you what you need and can look after.

Can I take a bag into the stadium?
We will only permit clear plastic bags into the stadium, which are subject to a search. Small bags and handbags will not be permitted.

Will cash be accepted?
St Mary’s Stadium is completely cashless and therefore we only accept payments by card. We do also accept Apple Pay and Google Pay. This includes the Food Village.

Are there restaurants in the stadium?
There will be food and beverage options available both outside of the stadium and in the stadium concourse areas.

Do you have Wi-Fi?
There will not be Wi-Fi available. Due to volume of people inside the stadium, event attendees should not expect the same 4G signal as in normal circumstances.

Will the bars be open throughout the event?
Yes. Bars will be open throughout the entire duration of the event, serving a variety of drinks for all.

Are there baby changing facilities?
No – we don’t allow children under 5 years old into a concert.

Lost Property I’ve lost something. Who do I contact?
Please make your way to the nearest steward and they will be able to direct you to the lost property area. Every effort should be made to collect your lost property during or immediately after the event.

For post event enquiries, please contact the stadium on 02380 727 700 or by emailing [email protected]

What is the dress code in hospitality?
Dress code for this event is smart casual.

What can I bring on site?
No food or alcohol can be brought on site. Only clear plastic bags will be permitted, and are subject to a search. Small bags and handbags will not be permitted.

Can I bring an umbrella?
Umbrellas are not permitted.

Can I bring a folding chair for the standing area?
We are unable to permit a folding chair within the standing areas. If you have standing tickets and you are unable to stand for long periods, we’d recommend contacting your ticket agent.

Can I stand up and dance?

Do I have an allocated standing space?

If I’m late, will I be allowed in once the show has started?

Can I leave the venue and come back in?
If you leave the venue, you will not be permitted entry if you wish to return.

What should I do if I have a problem at an event?
Please make your way to the closest member of staff, who will be able to assist you.

Will there be flashing lights or images at the event?
Most events use flashing images and lighting effects. Strobe effects aren’t allowed to produce more than four flashes per second. We can never guarantee that there won’t be any flashing images or lights.


Where do I enter the stadium?
There will be 4 entry points to gain access to the stadium footprint - Blue Gate, Red Gate, Purple Gate, and Orange Gate. Your ticket will indicate the best gate for you to enter. However it is important to note that your ticket will allow entry at any gate, therefore if there are large queues at your suggested gate you are welcome to walk the short distance to the next available gate to reduce congestion and queuing time. Stewards will be on hand to advise on the day.

Killers 2

Where can I find help on the evening if my ticket does not work?
Our on-site Box Office will be open on the evening and will be able to support with any ticketing queries or problems.

Are there any Covid entry requirements?
There are no Covid entry requirements.

Are there any age restrictions for St Marys Stadium?
Under 14s are not permitted within the standing area. Anyone under the age of 16, must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18. No under-fives will be permitted at this event.

Can I bring my small child/baby with me to a concert?
There is a minimum age of five to attend the show. As the shows can be noisy, we don’t recommend bringing very small children to the concert. If you’re bringing a small child with you, please make sure they don’t disturb other people and remember that everyone needs a ticket. Attendees are also reminded that there may be language used that some may find offensive.

Can I take my bag into the stadium?
We will only permit clear plastic bags into the stadium, which are subject to search. Small bags and handbags will not be permitted.

Can I bring a banner to a concert?
For this event, large flags, drapes or banners aren’t allowed, and please don’t bring anything that displays inflammatory or offensive wording.

Which items aren’t allowed in the stadium?
Knives, fireworks, smoke canisters, air-horns, flares, dangerous or hazardous items, laser devices, bottles, glass vessels, cans, illegal substances, poles and any article that might be used as a weapon and/or compromise public safety are strictly prohibited. Any person in possession of such items will be refused entry to the ground. We cannot permit large luggage bags. We also cannot permit professional filming and recording equipment to be brought onsite. We reserve the right to refuse entry with any item we deem to be dangerous or hazardous, and anything that we deem will ruin the enjoyment or viewing experience of others.

Why can’t I take a can or glass bottle into the arena seating area?
Cans and glass bottles aren’t allowed into the arena seating area for safety reasons.

Does this mean I can’t bring perfume/ aftershave?
As this is in a glass vessel, we are unable to permit these into the stadium.

Can I take food and drink into the stadium?
No food, drink or alcoholic beverage will be permitted into the stadium. There will be food options for those with most recognised food allergies. If you would like to discuss any medical concerns or needs prior to your visit please do so by contact Southampton Football Club [email protected]

What security measures will I have to go through before entering the arena?
Visitors and guests will be subject to a security search.

How long will these security measures add on to my entry time?
This should not add too much time, but do allow plenty of time to get through security and into the stadium to find your seat and get comfortable.

What happens if I don’t want to be searched?
Search is a condition of entry and guests will only be permitted entry after being searched.