Open spaces. Open minds

The setting matters. The way a space makes you feel. Knowing this is the place where high performance happens every single day. At St Mary’s Stadium and Southampton’s City Cruise terminal, you can open the doors to your own performance. Whether you’re hosting 2 people, 32,000 or any number in between – the right space matters. 11 suites, 42 executive boxes; each with their own stories and unique specifications. All with proven ability to leave a lasting impression.

Our Spaces

  • City Cruise Exhibition Hall

    City Cruise Exhibition Hall
    Grand. Spacious. Arresting. The City Cruise Exhibition Hall isn’t short on space. With almost 3,000m2, how you use it is up to you. Cabaret. Decadent dinner. Awards ceremony. The list could go on.
  • Executive Boxes

    Executive Boxes
    Intimate but not isolated. Impressive but not distracting. In the executive boxes, not a moment is missed. On match day it’s the action outside that enthrals. But every other day, inside is where the action happens.
  • Itchen suite

    Itchen suite
    Galas or awards. Decadent dinners. Grand exhibitions. Spectacular launches. First impressions leave a lasting impact. The high ceilings and expansive floor space of Itchen Suite will fit over 300 comfortably. Striking interiors, bespoke designs, all-inclusive party packages – it’s all possible.
  • Markus liebherr lounge

    Markus liebherr lounge
    Legend. Saviour. Saint. Markus Leibherr has a special place in the heart of every Southampton fan. So as you can imagine, the lounge dedicated to him is one of our most admired spaces. Bright, modern and welcoming, it’s somewhere that makes everyone feel special and inspired to aim higher.
  • Matthew Le Tissier suite

    Matthew Le Tissier suite
    Stylish. Consistent. Technically advanced. Just three things that earned Matthew Le Tissier his nickname. This suite is In prime position – just like he always was.
  • Mike Channon suite

    Mike Channon suite
    A man of impeccable performances. So good that we named one of our best suites after him. Dynamic. Flexible. Stylish. And ready to deliver. Choose your set-up – theatre, conference or dinner are all favourites. Natural daylight streams in through the panoramic windows, and air-conditioning makes sure it’s always the right temperature – whether you’re dancing or debating this year’s company performance.
  • Pitchside Lounge

    Pitchside Lounge
  • President's suite

    President's suite
    Exclusive. Enchanting. Brimming with potential. The President’s Suite has much in common with the role it borrows its name from. With floor to ceiling windows overlooking the River Itchen, a dancefloor and a private bar – performance, balance, charisma and a lasting impression are certain. If you’re looking to make an impression on up to 200 guests, this is room will allow to do it in style.
  • Super Box

    Super Box
    Purpose-made. Uninterrupted views. Where the pundits take in the action. A room that’s alive with expertise, insight and excitement on match day. A large balcony and panoramic views – this is a space that will leave you feeling truly inspired.
  • Terry Paine suite

    Terry Paine suite
    Performance and consistent delivery. That’s what creates a record-breaking 815 performances. So that’s exactly what we created for the suite named after him. And after 10 years of partnership on the pitch, it would be wrong to break Paine and Channon up. So we haven’t. By opening the dividing doors between the two suites – the rooms flow together as seamlessly as the ball between them.
  • The Boardroom

    The Boardroom
    Million pound transfers. Monumental decisions. The place where deals are made, careers are determined, and the future is decided. It can all happen in this room. On match day it’s the most exclusive area besides the dressing room. Every other day it’s as exclusive as you choose to make it. Team up with the Matt Le Tissier Suite next door to give even more people a taste of the experience.
  • The City Cruise suite

    The City Cruise suite
    Sleek and streamlined. A journey to Southampton’s elegant side. This is a newly developed suite in prime position within the City Cruise Terminal. Give up to 800 guests a front row seat to the beauty of the River Test.