Here at Southampton Football Club we are committed to safeguarding people and communities from the threat of terrorism, by raising awareness and where possible minimising risks of radicalisation. Our approach is aligned to the Government's counter-terrorism strategy.

Prevent adopts an approach of early intervention to support individuals to challenge extremist views, stop likely radicalisation, terrorist ideology and behaviour. The Prevent agenda sits alongside the Club’s safeguarding responsibilities, as we recognise that individuals who are more likely to be targeted and radicalised often have additional vulnerabilities and may be identified through our safeguarding arrangements.

It could be nothing, but what if it’s not?

There are many factors that can make someone vulnerable to radicalisation. More than any one specific sign is the sense that something is not quite right. There could be a sign or a combination of signs that are increasing in intensity. It is really important that you pass any concern you may have on.

Radicalisers are increasingly operating online to target and influence vulnerable people via online gaming and social media platforms. We encourage everyone to be vigilant to anyone spending an increasing amount of time online and sharing extreme views via any online platforms.

Pass It On

Remember in an emergency, please make sure you are safe and dial 999.

If you’re worried about someone engaging in radicalised activity, you can call the national police Prevent advice line 0800 011 3764, in confidence, to share your concerns with our specially trained Prevent officers.

This advice line is available every day 9:00am – 5:00pm. Calls outside of these hours will be transferred to specialist Counter Terrorism officers. If you’re deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech impairment, a police non-emergency number is available as a text phone service on 18001 101.

More information can be found by visiting our local Hampshire Prevent website: