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Like millions of older people, Margaret Cook, who lives alone, was left completely isolated when lockdown began in March. But support from Saints Foundation has offered a lifeline to Margaret and many others like her. 

When lockdown first hit, Margaret’s life was turned upside down. All the things she usually did stopped abruptly; she was cut off from the world and her community.

But a lifeline came in the form of our Senior Saints project, which we quickly adapted to reach out to our community of older adults at home.

I had nothing. I felt dreadful. And Saints Foundation came in as an absolute lifeline.

Margaret, 84
Senior Saints Participant

During the tightest restrictions, Margaret used our exercise videos to stay active, and spoke to members of our team on the phone regularly.

84-year-old Margaret Cook, who lives in Bassett, has been engaging with our projects for around ten years. In this short video, she talks openly about the effect the pandemic has had on her life, and how we’re continuing to support her.

Since the pandemic began, we’ve adapted our work to support and connect with older adults at home. We’ve kept in contact via weekly phone calls, created online resources about staying active, and even started broadcasting exercise sessions on the radio. Our work has not stopped, even if our usual routine has. 

But we need your help. As a second lockdown begins, our support will be more valuable than ever to people like Margaret.

Throughout the last six months, we have had invaluable support from our partners, including Southampton FC, the National Lottery Charitable Fund through the Coronavirus Community Support Fund and the Premier League. But, due to the restrictions put on us by the pandemic, we have still missed out on vital donations that allow us to support people like our vulnerable older adults.

We are aiming to raise £10,000 in November and December in order to continue this vital support into 2021.

Just £5 a month could mean that someone like Margaret receives a regular check in phone call from one of our team. Your donation could help us sustain this vital work.

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