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Our purpose, helping people fulfil their potential to be more involved, healthier and empowered members of the community, has stayed the same.

However, the ongoing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic mean that we now need to evolve our approach to ensure that we continue to support our community, and our city, most effectively.

Across the city, we work with those who need our support the most. And, due to the pandemic, these are the same people who are being most effected, seeing isolation, mental health issues and unemployment all increase. In Southampton, we strive to support the most in need members of our community to safely and confidently re-engage with the world around them whilst continuing their journey to fulfil their potential. But, now more than ever, an increasing number of people need our support, and we want to be there for our community.

Prolonged periods of isolation could have a serious effect on the mental health of older persons, with older persons less likely to be digitally included. 

UN Policy brief
the impact of covid 19 on older persons

Our delivery has been greatly effected by the pandemic which risked leaving many of our older adult participants alone in their homes without their usual routine and structure. To stay connected, the team have been making weekly phone calls, running socially distanced walking sessions and delivering exercise workbooks. We have also produced a radio programme and additional online video resources to keep older adults active and healthy whilst isolating in their homes. Our work has not stopped even if our usual routine has. 

Our Health team, who work with older adults across Southampton, helping them to stay active and connected, and supporting them to regain their independence, are bringing their 10 minute at home exercise sessions straight to you every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11.45am on Voice FM 103.9FM. The 10-minute movement programme will help older adults to keep fit and healthy, and you can even take part from your chair! Whatever your age or fitness level, everyone can join in. Also, additional at home exercise video resources are being finalised, all in order to maintain communication with our older participants, keeping them active, healthy and ultimately independent whilst isolating in their homes. Now with a second lockdown in place and our face to face sessions having been postponed, our at home resources are more important than ever to the many older adults that are confined to their homes once again.

All of this support will continue over the next few months, ensuring we stay connected to those participants who need us. Whether through phone calls or online activity sessions, we will be there for our city. However, it’s not just our participants that have felt the effects of the pandemic, we have too. With the cancellation of our vital fundraising events as well as the increasing restrictions felt right across the country, we have a large gap in our funding for projects helping those in need. We need your help to allow us to continue transforming lives in and around Southampton.

Throughout the last six months, we have had invaluable support from our partners, including Southampton FC, the National Lottery Charitable Fund through the Coronavirus Community Support Fund and the Premier League. But, due to the restrictions put on us by the pandemic, we have still missed out on vital donations, that allow us to support people like our vulnerable older adults.

We are aiming to raise £10,000 in order to continue this vital support into 2021.

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