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For all of us, the last two months have been difficult and different to our normal lives. That is the same for us all at Saints Foundation. But, we haven’t let this stop us.

From delivering prescriptions to volunteering with FareShare, it has been a busy month for everyone at Saints Foundation. Here are just a few things we have been doing to support our community in this tough time.

With the help of Southampton City Council and the city’s NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, we have been running a Prescription Delivery Service to aid those most vulnerable in our community. 

So far, we have taken 351 calls for our support, delivering 276 prescriptions from 32 different pharmacies with our volunteers heading right across the city to help those in need.

This scheme will run throughout the current lockdown period and will be revised once any measures to lighten the lockdown have been put in place. 

Our project staff, normally running projects in our community, have been busy too. They have been collectively calling participants and checking on their wellbeing. 

Between them, more than 1,294 calls have been made to our participants so far this month with more than 8,995 minutes in contact with those who need us. 

We have created online resources for participants, to use to stay active, educate and entertain. We have also set up a Prince’s Trust qualification to keep engaging with Secondary School students across the city.


Our older adults have had access to a specialised video designed to replicate a normal session they would attend with our team. 

119 workbooks have been delivered to keep those isolated active in this uncertain time. 

We are staying connected; we are keeping in contact with our community. 

Our Education department have also made sure their students have everything they need. Parents as well as learners have been contacted whilst virtual classrooms have been set up and seminars hosted to continue our support. 

Every department at Saints Foundation is working tirelessly to keep all of our projects engaged away from our usual delivery. We are making sure the support for our participants does not waiver despite the lack of face-to-face interaction and this won’t stop until we are back amongst our community, where we belong. 

Please continue to support our efforts by donating if you can.  Keep following the government’s advice so we can return back to normal as soon as we can. 

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