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Photo by Isabelle Field | Zoltan Szalas

Southampton Football Club's Executive Head Chef, Zoltan Szalas, shares some of his favourite recipes for you to try out at home during the lockdown.

Power Porridge with Chocolate, Chia Seeds and Almond Butter

This breakfast comes loaded with natural energy, and is slightly different than the usual morning porridge. It’s full-on fuel, and is great for energising before a busy day, or for aiding your recovery after a heavy morning workout.

Chocolate milk and almond butter are an excellent pairing, and the Manuka honey is loaded with antioxidants to boost your energy level – however, you can use any type of honey or even Maple syrup if you wish.

Saints As One
Power porridge, with chocolate, chia seeds and almond butter

Nutritional information:

Serves: 1
Calories: 712
Total Carbohydrate: 75g
Sugar: 25g
Fat: 33g
Protein: 28g


• 65g oats
• 120ml water
• 200ml chocolate soy milk
• 1tsp cocoa nibs (raw cocoa) or general cocoa powder
• 1tbsp almond butter
• 2tsp chia seeds
• 1tbsp low-fat Greek yogurt
• 1tsp Manuka honey, or any other type of honey
• 2tbsp mixed nuts (almonds or walnuts are ideal)


1. Place the oats, water, chocolate soy milk and cocoa in a saucepan. Cook over a medium heat for 10 minutes, adding some additional water if needed. (The soy milk can be substituted with oat milk, coconut milk or even cow’s milk, although the calories will be higher).

2. Once cooked, add the almond butter and chia seeds then let it sit for 5 minutes. Sometimes porridge can become too thick and dry, which is due to different brands having different amounts of gluten content in the oats. More gluten means more liquid, so if you think your mixture is too thick, just add a dash more milk or water.

3. Serve with Greek yogurt, honey and nuts, and a fruit topping of your choice.

Tip: If you want to save time in the morning, place the milk, water, cocoa and oats in a saucepan to soak overnight. This will decrease the cooking time by 50%.

Enjoyed Zoltan's recipe? Remember, when football does return to St Mary's, you can enjoy food from him and his talented team in our hospitality areas.


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