Walking Football: What's the score?

By SFC Media time Fri 06 Sep Saints Foundation

Enjoying the beautiful game, in a non-competitive fun atmosphere whilst getting the benefits of exercise at the right level for you.

Have a kick about with the bonus of getting fitter whilst you are having fun. 

The main aim is enjoyment so you’ll never be off side but there are a few simple rules:

  • No matter how tempting it might be there is no running with or without the ball
  • No slide tackles or physical contact
  • The ball must be played below waist height

What is it like?

There’s a group walking warm up getting your body ready for the session, gentle exercises appropriate to the session (think ministry of funny walks) then depending on numbers there are games to use different skills getting to know other players and then often a game. To be able to make the most of the session you will need to be able to stand up for around an hour and be able to kick a ball (so in essence be stable in standing on one leg).  The requirement to walk, slows down the pace of the game, so more control and accuracy is needed to pass and look for your team mates in a space.  Everyone is supportive and friendly, encouraging each other to do their best.

What if I’ve never played?
Whether you have never played or are a retired professional the Saints Foundation team are on hand to help and the participants will always offer handy tips and support everyone giving it a go.  We can give alternative options to help, making it safe and the right level for you, plus there are regular opportunities to take a break.

What’s in it for me?
As well as obvious benefits of improving your co-ordination, optimising your interactions between brain, eyes and legs which makes walking easier and helps getting the most out of everyday tasks.  There is also the physical benefit of being on your feet and moving for an hour, in general people sit too much and our bodies were not designed to be sitting all day long.  It’s a great way to get out, make friends and enjoy a game. 

How do I get there?

All sessions are accessible via bus and have parking available for your use.  If you need support with transport there are community support providers that we can point you towards for this. 

Do I need to book?
Sessions are free of charge and there is no need to book, but if it is your first session then phone or email first to ensure that the session is running that week, as there are odd occasions when we have to cancel.

What should I wear?
There is no need to buy any specialist clothing or footwear.  Dress in comfortable clothing, that allows you to move freely and flat supportive shoes or trainers (no studs allowed).  Layers are a great way to manage your temperature during the different seasons and bring a drink of water to keep hydrated.

How long is it?

Each session lasts for an hour and then there is an optional social at the end, time to stay chat and have a cuppa at the end.

When is it?

There are two sessions every week:

  • Tuesday 11:00-12:00 Merryoak Community Centre, Acacia Rd, SO19 7JY
  • Thursday 10:00-11:00 Goals Soccer Centre, Millbrook Point Rd, SO15 0JZ

How do I find out more?

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