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As St Mary’s prepares to open its doors for another season, Southampton Football Club would like to provide its supporters with some valuable information on how to help us make the stadium as welcoming an environment as possible.

The club prides itself on providing an inclusive and family-friendly atmosphere at the ground, while also encouraging passionate support from the fans.

It does not, however, in any way tolerate discrimination, abuse, foul and abusive language, or anti-social or threatening behaviour towards anyone in the stadium.

To keep the fan experience as positive as possible for everyone who visits, we not only challenge bad behaviours ourselves, but encourage our supporters to help us do so, and work with Hampshire Police, if necessary, to pursue criminal charges.

If you are the victim or a witness to such behaviour we ask that you text ‘SFCReport’ to 60060 with a description and location of the incident, at the time of the incident.*

As well as our own zero-tolerance approach towards any form of discrimination, bullying, victimisation or harassment, we fully support and endorse the FA’s Respect campaign, and work with organisations such as Kick It Out to help make everyone feel welcome when they visit St Mary’s.

Any abuse that is proven to be racist, sexist, homophobic, or based on anyone’s age, disability, gender assignment, religion or beliefs will be dealt with through a permanent stadium ban.

Additionally, any form of abuse or chanting that could be discriminatory will be reported to police as a hate crime for further investigation.

Although each individual case will be assessed upon its facts, the below table should be used to provide supporters with guidance with the minimum type of penalties the club may issue in the below circumstances. Please note, this document is for guidance only and does not include any action that may be taken separately against a supporter by the Police.

Supporter Behaviour Matrix copy
Minimum penalties the club may issue for unacceptable behaviour.

We would also like to remind supporters that the club does allow visitors/fans of opposing teams to sit within our hospitality areas (including executive boxes), and that this is common practice and permitted across the Premier League. However, all guests are expected to be considerate and respectful, and any behaviour deemed inappropriate should still be reported using the text reporting number and not challenged in person.

Please provide as much detail of any offence as possible. This may include specific seat details if applicable, descriptions of persons involved, and exact words and phrases wherever possible.

We recommend that you save the number to your phone and text discreetly to help us challenge bad behaviour at St Mary’s. Supporters are also encouraged to report any behaviour that they are not comfortable with to any of our stewards or other staff. All reported concerns will be investigated appropriately and confidentially.


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