Pathways to Health Project Launch

By SFC Media time Tue 29 Jan Saints Foundation

Funded by the Premier League and the National Health Service (NHS), Pathways To Health uses physical activity to keep our participants’ quality of life high. The funding not only helps to run the course, but it has allowed our staff to train up community instructors with a Falls Prevention qualification.

We are also working closing with the city’s GPs to find patients that need our help. Once they have completed their free wellbeing review, they will be sent to one of our instructors to work with. 

The course may be fledgling but there are already promising reviews from the first participants. Not only that, but the course is set to expand with an arthritis workshop group. 

This is set around a six-week programme called Escape Pain, which looks at managing those in pain due to the condition. Understanding how to relieve arthritis will allow participants to continue living a healthy lifestyle. Once the six weeks are up, treatment will continue within their community – a first-of-its-kind approach to treatment.

Leading the team is Saints Foundation’s Jessica Hulbert. Speaking about the new project, she said: “I am extremely excited about how this programme is developing. This is a great chance to really tap into the use of community work as a true prevention programme.

“We are aiming to support our NHS services to free up the use of GP time and get more people understanding that exercise can be one of the best medicines.”

If you want to know more about the course, or you feel that someone you know would benefit from it, contact Jess via email on [email protected]   


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