Hasenhüttl praises players' response

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Photo by Matt Watson | Ralph Hasenhüttl

Ralph Hasenhüttl has praised his players for buying into his methods and the speed with which they have been taking to them.

The Saints boss has now had two full weeks to work with his squad, following his appointment earlier this month, with the first of those already bearing fruit in the 3-2 win over Arsenal.

Hasenhüttl said: "I was very pleased up to now. They are quick learners.

"We had a lot of video sessions last week and also hard training sessions on the pitch, and I think they did it very well and they learned very quick and they showed me how open-minded they are for this new stuff they are facing now.

we have to move on and it's a very good test against huddersfield to see how far on we are.

ralph hasenhüttl
southampton manager

"The belief you absolutely feel it, the belief in the things they train. Sure, if you are successful in the weekend it helps a lot, but now we have to go further. We have to move on and it's a very good test against Huddersfield to see how far on we are."

Hasenhüttl has also been taking the time to meet each of his players on a one-to-one basis, and he underlined the value in doing so.

"It's been an important process for me," he said. "It takes a lot of time, but I took the time because it's important for me.

"Then I can decide what strengths each player has and in what things he has to work. It helps me a lot to get a better view for the team.

"I nearly have seen everyone now – just two or three guys who haven't been in my office who will follow next week."


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