It's Good To Talk, Says Kelvin

By SFC Media Tue 17 Jul Club

While spending time in France is allowing the Saints squad to put in plenty of physical work, skipper Kelvin Davis is relishing the opportunity to do something else: talk.

The First Team have spent the last two days enduring double training sessions in the sweltering heat, utilising the rest of their time to discuss how to progress ahead of the new season.

"It enables you to keep working on things into the night - we have another meeting tonight after dinner," Davis told Saints Player on Tuesday lunchtime.

"They aren't big, intense meetings but just little conversations and reminders about what we're trying to do and what we want to achieve.

"If you're at home then it's very difficult to do that because you'd be cramming too much into your time at the training ground.

"To be away and to be in each-other's pockets is good for a bit of morale and communication because, if there is anything you want to get over to your teammates, it's there to do it.

"If I feel that I can add something then I'll add it - and I'm sure that, with the way the Manager is, he wants all of the lads to be like that.

"We have open and frank meetings to pass on information to each-other, and that's something that the Manager encourages.

"But being the oldest and most experienced doesn't necessarily mean I know what I'm talking about all of the time!

"It's great because we've got a group of lads and an environment where everyone wants to improve and progress. There is always an open forum for people to do that.

"We've spoken about things we did over the weekend in the Markus Liebherr Memorial Cup and looked at some bits-and-pieces on the screen about how we want to play and we expect from ourselves this year.

"To go through those types of situations this early on [in pre-season] shows we're looking to learn as quickly as we can and get better on all aspects."

Davis is now looking forward to getting back into match action when Saints take on Étoile Carouge tomorrow evening and learning lessons from last weekend's games against Anderlecht and Arsenal.

"[The Liebherr Cup] was a bit of a lesson, really - certainly in the Anderlecht game, where you felt that you were miles off the pace," says Kelvin.

"They are obviously miles ahead of us in their preparations for the new season but it was good to play against that standard because it was a bit of an eye-opener as we're going to come up against players of that calibre this season.

"It was fantastic to have that lesson early on in pre-season. One of the things I have learned over the years is that it doesn't happen overnight - it can take four or five games before you stop being as reactional in the way you play and start being more fluid.

"That's something the manager is very, very aware of so, if we can keep adding to what we're trying to do, then come the start of the season we will be ready.

"Tomorrow's match is another game - at this time in pre-season it is about getting our fitness levels we want out of the game.

"We're starting to add in some patterns of play that we're trying to work on at the training ground, so we'll try and impose them onto games to keep on progressing."

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