Season Ticket Account Information

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If you are a 2019/20 Season Ticket holder or Official Member, it is important that your details are up to date. Simply ensure your details are up to date at

In order to make managing your account easier, you will now be able to log in using your email address. Therefore if you had multiple accounts under one email, logging in will give you access to the lead account. If you have purchased for other people on this email address, they will be listed in your friends and family meaning you will still be able to purchase tickets for them.

If you wish to change the lead booker, click here to complete the form.

We require you to access your account and set your new password by clicking here and following these steps:

1. Enter email address and click send new password.
2. You will then receive an email with the new password.
3. Click the link, login and you will then be taken to your profile and can update your personal details.

Once you've reset your password, you can update it to a more familiar one. To do so, you can click on the menu to  'Update Password' to set your own password. This must be 8 or more characters (1 Upper, 1 Lower and 1 Number).

Here you can also view friends and family. All friends and family that existed on your account have also been carried over along with those you shared an email address with. You can now add others if you wish.