St Mary’s to host ground-breaking light show


Join us at St Mary’s on Wednesday 4th January and be part of a light show, the like of which has never been seen in the Premier League.

Buy a ticket in the Kingsland Stand to take part in the brand-new light show, as Nathan Jones’ side face Nottingham Forest (7:30pm GMT).

A wristband will be provided on your seat, which you’re invited to wear throughout the show.

The show starts at 19:15, 15 minutes before kick-off and wristbands will be recycled after the event.

Tickets in the Kingsland Stand start from £20 and can be purchased online, by calling 02381 780 780 or from St Mary’s stadium.

If you’re planning on buying tickets from the ticket office, be aware the opening hours have been updated for the Christmas and New Year period.