St Mary's Stadium to host Iftar for the first time


Working with the club's charity, Saints Foundation and the Muslim Council of Southampton, St Mary's Stadium will host Iftar for the first time in our history on Thursday 28th March.

Iftar is the meal eaten after sunset for those who are fasting during Ramadan, which comes just after the call to the Maghrib prayer.

We're offering 300 spaces for local people to attend the event.

You'll hear from key figures from the Muslim Council of Southampton and there'll be an opportunity to learn about Saints Foundation projects in the local community.

Following these talks, the call to prayer will be delivered over the St Mary's PA system, so that not only people in the stadium can hear it, but people in the nearby vicinity too.

Doors open at 5pm and talks will start half an hour later.

If you'd like to attend the event, you'll need to book a FREE ticket here.

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