After an impressive start to the National League Southern Premier season, Southampton FC Women's Marieanne Spacey-Cale was awarded November's Manger of the Month award across the National League Premier divisions.

It came as the side looked to bounce back from a postponement striken October, where only the one game was played and the early season momentum was understandably haltered.

Spacey-Cale and her side responded with four wins from five games across all competitions, which included continued development during their first Southern Premier campaign alongside progressions in the National League and FA Cups.

Upon hearing the news, the Women’s manager was characteristically humble, saying: "I never expect things like that! I'm part of the squad and part of a club that wants to push on.

"I've not won it before and I never really had any expectations to win it. My expectations are all about points on the board and winning games.

"It's a nice thing to have. But what is great about it is when you're part of a squad, part of a club that push you forward it's everybody's award.

"I make the decisions but through challenging conversations with the staff, the challenge that they give me, and the players too.

"It's a nice individual accolade but it's born from being part of a fantastic group of players and staff and part of a massive club."