Sellés: It's fine margins

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Southampton manager Rubén Sellés reflected on a result decided upon ‘small margins’ at London Stadium as his side were edged out by West Ham.

It was another disappointing day in the Premier League for Saints, who narrowly missed out to a West Ham side also battling for survival.

“Unfortunately, it’s a feeling we’ve had before,” admitted the boss. “I think we controlled the game until the set piece that gave them [the chance] to score.

“After that we tried to fight ourselves into the game and we have some situations, they have some situations. It was an equal game, but we know it’s fine margins and unfortunately it wasn’t there for us today.

“I think we controlled the game in the way we wanted. In possession, being dominant, having the good position but we lack a little bit of patience in the last third, a little bit of calmness in the last third.

“It was frustrating because we have all of the arguments to get something good from today but it’s just one occasion that took everything out.

“We have experienced that in so many games this season, it’s been there for us we just need to fight to get those margins back into our side.

“The message to the guys is, I think we controlled well, and one action cannot put us out of the game. I think we fight our way back, it didn’t happen but there’s only one way to do it and that’s playing as a team, playing as a unit, playing together.

“Don’t let things happen as an individual and that’s the message – we go again. We have to learn again from this game and go on focusing to the next opponent."

Sellés also shared a word on Ché Adams and Mohammed Salisu who were both absent from the matchday squad at London Stadium after picking up injuries whilst on international duty.

“It is what it is. We know that they go with the international team we cannot control what they do and I would say it’s part of the game.

“I think we have a great squad and Ché especially has been playing a lot for us but if we cannot call on him because of that injury then we need to replace him and I think Sékou has been doing a fantastic job for us and it was a no brainer for us to use him in the game.

“It’s disappointing because you cannot come with them and you cannot control them and that’s the big part of it but we make the best of it and we have players to replace him."