Saints pledge support to Southampton 2025


Southampton Football Club has partnered with John Hansard Gallery, University of Southampton, the Southampton UK City of Culture 2025 Trust and organisations from across Southampton to make an Inclusion Pledge. By committing to our pledges together we are unified in our aim to make Southampton an actively Inclusive City.

We, Southampton Football Club, pledge for everyone, everyday to be able to be true version of themselves, regardless of characteristics, caring needs, or social economic status. Creating a world where we enable this to happen by challenging inequality, removing barriers to inclusion, and educating those that are around us, to ensure we provide an inclusive environment for every person to thrive.

Across Southampton, organisations have come together to create meaningful and change-making Inclusion Pledges. The pledges have been created from a series of Inclusion Workshops launched early in 2021, by Southampton 2025 Trust with John Hansard Gallery, University of Southampton as a response to the wider consultation for the UK City of Culture 2025 bid process.

All participating organisations took away from the process the skills and learnings to begin the development of meaningful pledges to actively promote inclusivity throughout their organisations. Visit the Southampton 2025 website for more information about Inclusion Pledges.