When you first came to our website today, you probably noticed it looks rather different. A refresh had been in the planning for a while, as the old site was no longer up to the task, so we needed to create a new one.

We’ve taken advantage of the need to refresh the site to create a better experience for you when you’re here.

The new Saints website is easier to navigate so you can quickly find what you’re searching for and with a new preference centre you can also pick and choose the news and content we send you.

This should only make your life easier when using the site and there’ll be no need to create a new login.

You may also notice that the club’s app isn’t updating. Don’t worry, that’s not an issue at your end.

With our old website taken down, the functionality of the app is impacted too – to fix this, we’ll be releasing an update to the app in the coming weeks, which we’ll keep you in the loop on.