Matchday Information: Brighton away

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We travel to face the Seagulls on Sunday (21st May, 2pm) in our final away game of the season. Ahead of making the trip to Brighton, find the latest information for away fans.

Travel Zone

Trains, buses and park and ride facilities are all free to away fans within the designated travel zone area, by using your match ticket – for full details visit Brighton's transport page.

Brighton Racecourse is closed on Sunday so alternative park and ride plans have been put in place. You an find details on Brighton's website.

Anti-Social Text Abuse Line: 07880196442

Text this number if you encounter any form anti-social behaviour in the stadium. The number goes directly through to the control room.

Bags & Suitcases

Bags must be A4 in size or smaller. Please note, suitcases & large bags are not allowed into the stadium and there's no storage area.

Bottle Policy

You won't be able to bring solid containers or flasks into the stadium and only clear plastic water bottles 500ml or lower will be accepted, with bottle tops confiscated on entry.

Food and Drink

Travelling Saints fans are welcome into the fanzone outside the stadium which has food/drinks vans pre and post match. Kiosks will stay open in the North Stand concourse and away fans can have a drink in the concourse with the home supporters.

Cashless Stadium

The Amex is a cashless stadium so make sure to take another payment method.

Opening Times

Turnstiles open two hours before kick-off.


The Amex is a smoke-free Stadium. Smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is banned in ALL areas.

Banners / Flags

For banners over 150cm x 150cm, you'll need to get authorisation from Brighton in advance by emailing: [email protected]

Designated Pubs

There are no designated pubs for away fans and Saints supporters will be welcome in the whole city.

For tourist information please head to Visit Brighton.

Ticket Office

There's only one ticket office which is next to the Superstore on the North side of the stadium.