Ralph Hasenhüttl has identified a quick start to Saturday's Premier League showdown with Leeds United as crucial to a positive outcome, as two pressing styles battle it out at St Mary's Stadium.

The manager described Leeds United's game plan as often "aggressive" and is expecting a high intensity encounter, but warned that spectators may not witness a "five-star dinner".

He urged Southampton's fanbase to put pressure on their Yorkshire counterparts on Saturday afternoon, whilst asserting that his side would also benefit from a lively atmosphere inside St Mary's.

"One of the most intense games of the season," Hasenhüttl concluded. "When we speak about pressing in our shape, they are maybe even more aggressive and do it all 90 minutes. It will not always be nice to watch, with a lot of mistakes because of the pressure both sides put on the other.

"So, if you expect a five-star dinner you will not see it. It's more about wining duals, winning second balls, use the space that you get for a short moment properly. This means a lot of bad passes also included. This is the way they play and we must find the right answer. Go in to the duals to fight because it will be an intense one.

"They are also a team that have a very good recipe, a lot of players behind the ball. Never really exposed. So it's quite hard to have a serious counter-attack, there are some options. The team that scores the first goal is then in a very good situation because there's more space for the counter-attacks. This is what both teams like to have.

"So it's important we have a good start. It's also important that our fans know what's coming up, and give us their support. To show it is not so nice to come to St Mary's and take points, this is what we need to have.

"A very committed performance from us, from our side, from the fan's side and from everybody."