Predict the Score Winners 22/23 Season

We give you the chance to win a Saints shirt by predicting the score, below are our list of lucky winners this season!

6th August - Tottenham Hotspur (a) - Liam Godfrey

13th August - Leeds United (h) - David Lindsay

20th August - Leicester City (a) - Hamish Cranston

27th August - Manchester United (h) - Ruaidhri McLoughlin

30th August - Chelsea (h) - Phil Royce

3rd September - Wolves (a) - Vernon Needham

16th September - Aston Villa (a) - Adam Franklin

1st October - Everton (h) - Gabriel Gagyi

8th October - Manchester City (a) - Jason Hoy

16th October - West Ham (h) - Tony Pointer

19th October - Bournemouth (a) - Gary Moore

23rd October - Arsenal (h) - Chris Reeves

29th October - Crystal Palace (a) - G. Sloan

6th November - Newcastle (h) - Matthew Bewley

12th November - Liverpool (a) - J Mc

26th December - Brighton & Hove Albion (h) - Mike Page

31st December - Fulham (a) - Tiger Needham

4th January - Nottingham Forest (h) - Jimmy Day

14th January - Everton (a) - A. Scully

21st January - Aston Villa (h) - Ed Gibbs

4th February - Brentford (a) - Conor Stretch

11th February - Wolves (h) - Robert Gallagher

18th February - Chelsea (a) - Peter Snook

25th February - Leeds (a) - Danijel Pranjic

4th March - Leicester (h) - Lee Boyd


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