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By SFC Media time Fri 20 Mar Saints Foundation

With more of us working from home, self-isolating and having restricted social movement, Saints Foundation have shared some simple exercises that can help you stay active.

Being active for just 10 minutes a day can help control your weight, improve your mood, keep you strong, and aid your balance and coordination - you can watch the exercise video below to keep active whilst at home.

If at any point during the programme you experience any dizziness, shortness of breath or pain, stop straight away and consult your health care professional. The sessions are designed to be gentle and progressive and should be safe for the majority of individuals – even those with existing medical conditions. 

You should use a comfortable, supportive chair that is on a level surface with plenty of room to move around you, wearing comfortable loose-fitting clothing and well-fitting footwear in a clutter-free area of your home. 

These 10-minute workouts have been developed so that they are suitable for all and can be developed to challenge even the fittest amongst us, whilst requiring the minimum amount of space and equipment.

Here are a list of exercises that can be done in your own home, featured in the video above:

Spend 1-2 minutes on each of the following warm up exercises: 

Marching on the spot: An easy way to build up strength alongside the added benefit of improving your cardiovascular endurance. 

Heel toe moves: By raising your toes and heels alternately you will be increasing ankle flexibility as well as blood flow to your lower limbs.  

Shoulder circles: Sitting tall in your chair, take both shoulders up towards your ears, draw them back and down again - a great way to relieve tension in the neck and shoulders.

Side bends: Sitting tall in your chair, slide one hand down towards the floor, being careful not to lean forward - this is great for your torso and lower back.

Repeat each of the following strength exercises eight times on each side:

Jockey lifts: Sitting tall with both feet firmly on the ground, half stand up and control your descent - this is great for leg and hip strength. 

Sit to stand: A task that is done through the day, this will see you strengthen your lower limbs and improve your fitness. 

Arm curl: Keeping your upper arms strong allows you to complete daily tasks with ease, allowing you to maintain independence.  

Upper back strengthener: Take the band in both hands with palms facing up towards the ceiling and elbows tucked in to the side of the body. This is great for your upper back strength and posture.

Upper arm strengthener: 
Grip band firmly with thumb pointing down towards the floor and take your arm backwards. This exercise is good for helping you get out of the bath and up from a seated position.

Wrist strengthener: Fold your band in half until you have a loose tube then grip firmly with one hand on top of the other. Twist your wrists in opposite directions until your elbows come together. This exercise is great for helping to undo jars and for keeping wrists strong.

Remember that you can lose up to 10% of your muscle mass in a week of inactivity, which will impact on your ability to perform everyday tasks. Daily activity can help slow this down and it is important to turn this routine into a habit, so you remain active throughout this uncertain time. 

Click below to download our free workbook to ensure you are following the exercises correctly and safely, and to track your progress.

download workbook

If you have any further questions about any of these exercises, contact our health team by emailing [email protected]


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