Built on Saints

Built on Saints

This season marks 20 years since our move from The Dell to St Mary’s. A move back home to our roots, where the club was founded in 1885. It’s been an often exciting, always emotional and typically defiant couple of decades.

Our time at St Mary’s has been built on history, creating new chapters in our famous club’s story. It’s been built on youth as we provide a platform for some of the biggest stars in the game, developing exceptional young talent. Built on progress as we continue pushing forward, and built on defiance as we fought back from the brink, never backing down from a challenge. It’s been two decades that have been built on belief and the unwavering support from you, our fans.

To mark the occasion, we asked Saints supporters to describe their experiences of being a fan during our 20 years at the ground, what it means to have been on the journey and how our time at the new stadium has shaped who we are today.

We'd like to give a special thanks to fans who volunteered their time to be interviewed for the making of this film.

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